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Are Vibration Plates Good For Weight Loss?

vibration plates for weight loss It's well known that training on a vibration plate is great for toning up muscles. But what about losing weight and fat loss? Can a plate shed unwanted pounds?

That's a question we asked more than any other in relation to vibration training. And the answer... yes and no.

NO, if you don't do anything else but use a plate.

YES, if you combine your training with a sensible eating plan and other aerobic exercise.

You may think that doesn't sound too convincing. Why spend decent money on a power plate if you still have to diet and do other forms of

But, as you can read below, a study has found the long-term results of Whole Body Vibration training (WBV) are encouraging.

Vibration Training Vs Conventional Exercise for Losing Weight

A recent study* proved, those using vibration exercises along with diet and conventional exercise, lost more weight in the long-term, plus lost more inches of belly fat than those following the same eating plan and exercise but not training on power plates.

The study tested groups of overweight volunteers (mainly women) for a period of six months. The participants in the study were split into four groups:
  • Diet and no exercise
  • Diet and exercise (cycling, swimming and running)
  • Diet and vibration training
  • No diet or exercise (control group)

A 'control group' is required for all research to measure the cause and effect of doing nothing against the other interventions in the study.

The group following a vibration programme, completed a daily workout of 10 exercise positions including lunges, squats, push-ups and stomach crunches - see examples here. The sessions lasted no longer than ten minutes holding the positions initially for 30 seconds, increasing to 60 seconds over the six month period. Please click here for help on how to use the settings on a plate.

At the end of the six-month study, the volunteers had to continue the prescribed activities for another six months on their own.

After a year, the groups were compared by measuring their weight, body fat, inches lost and deep belly fat using a CT scanner.

Not surprisingly, the control group doing nothing showed no weightloss (some had gained weight), while the vibration programme group lost the most weight over both the supervised and un-supervised periods. The amount of pounds lost averaged 11% of body weight in the vibration group, compared to 7% achieved by the conventional exercise group and only 4% of the diet-only group.

But even better news in our view, is the vibration group lost more belly fat (the dangerous type) than the rest, and managed to maintain the gains over the full year!

So while it is unrealistic to think you can lose weight from a power plate alone, combined with sensible eating and other aerobic exercise, it's far more effective than other types of exercise alone - and takes up less of your time.

* University of Antwerp, Belgium 2011.

Content by Roy Palmer - find me on Google+


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