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Vibration Plate Exercises

A vibration plate exercise programme can deliver some amazing results - and fast!

However, we get many emails from people who've purchased a platform and then are unsure of what exercises to do.

So we've asked Powrx vibration plates if we could use a sample of their excellent exercise programme to give you an idea of how to get the most from your plate.

So let's get started with a basic exercise for your calves.

vibration plate exercise - calf raise
The Calf Raise
Vibration Plate Exercise #1 - Calves

Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart on the platform and place your hands onto the handlebar.

Lift your heels off the platform and tighten your calf muscles.

Hold for 10 seconds, then return to the start position.

Repeat six times.

Vibration Plate Exercise #2 - Abdominals

vibration plate exercise - Jack Knife
The Jack Knife

Sit on the platform with your back towards the column.

Place your hands behind you on the platform for extra stability.

Lean slightly back without touching the column.

Now engage your abdominals and pull both legs up and towards you. Hold them slightly in front of you for the duration of the time settings.

Alternatively you can do repetitions of 'pulling knees in / extending legs away' from you for a more dynamic workout.

Vibration Plate Exercise #3 - Back

vibration exercise - The Bridge
The Bridge

Lie on a mat in front of the vibration plate.

Place your feet flat on the platform and your arms on the floor next to your body.

Now lift your hips off the floor until your body forms one line from knees to shoulders and hold for the duration of the interval.

Keep your feet flat on the platform.

Slowly lower yourself back to the floor.

Vibration Plate Exercise #4 - Hip Flexor /Quad Stretch

vibration plate exercise - Hip Flexor / Quad Stretch
Hip Flexor / Quad Stretch

Put an exercise mat on top of the platform.

Place your right knee on top and your left foot onto the floor.

Be sure to remain upright.

Now gently push your right hip forward and hold.

You will feel a stretch across the front of your right leg (quadriceps) and across your right hip (hip flexor)

If possible hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

vibration plate exercise - inclined row
Inclined Row
Vibration Plate Exercise #5 - Arms, Shoulders and Back

Stand in the middle of the platform with your feet hip width apart.

Grab both upper body straps and lean slightly forward from the hip whilst maintaining a straight back.

Now pull your elbow back up and keep your arms close to your body.

Your arms should have a 90 degree angle at the elbow.

Now squeeze tight in between your shoulder blades and hold this position throughout your chosen timer sequence.

We hope you'll found these exercise samples useful. There are many positions you can use to tone every muscle in your body! We're happy to recommend Powrx's expert workouts to get the best results.

You can buy Powrx's combined Beginners and Advanced programme with 58 exercises from and

Good Luck With Your Training!


Powrx vibration plates

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