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Vibration training for golfers. How Whole Body Vibration Training can help improve your game.

At this point some of you probably think 'Now I have heard it all'. Even though vibration training is becoming more commonly known and most of you have heard some rumbling about its apparent benefits, it is in all fairness not the easiest training concept to understand.

And to think that a vibrating plate can improve your handicap might really be pushing your imagination.

So how does vibration training actually work?

Vibration Training was originally developed for astronauts that had spent so much time in zero gravity that their neuromuscular system did not respond to gravity anymore. In other words their muscles did not know how to contract against any form of resistant.

Scientists therefore developed a system to involuntarily stimulate these muscle groups and Vibration Training was born. Since then research has now shown that depending on the vibration frequency i.e. 50 Hz the muscle groups exposed to the vibration will contract up to 50 times per second. This means that the benefits of performing an exercise on a vibration plate will literally be 50 times more effective and you can expect results in a very short time.

And how does this benefit a golfer?

To be able to hit the golf ball with the highest degree of accuracy , and not send the turf flying like some of us, it is absolutely paramount to adopt optimum stability or core stability as the sports experts will call it.

For those of you that are not overly familiar with human physiology you might want to consider the mid section of your body as your core. However , and this is where it becomes interesting, your core does not only consist of your abdominals but also of a deep layer of your back muscles, your buttocks, hamstring and pelvic floor.

Your core is literally your control centre. Good core stability and core strength will lead to good lower body and upper body strength and control.

With targeted vibration training for those different muscle groups you will be able to improve your overall stability for all your joints which will not only lead to greater balance and accuracy but also improved swing, drive and follow through.

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