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Vibration Plate Voucher Codes

vibration plate exercise - the Jack Knife With the continuing squeeze on everyone's finances, many retailers are keen to get your business. However, because many models represent quite a substantial outlay, it's not so easy with vibration platforms.

So along with many other retailers in other sectors, we've negotiated discounts for visitors to our site.

Here are the voucher codes currently available to you:-

We have two offers from this exciting new company on their innovative machines recently brought onto the market.

First up, you can get 5% off HyperVibe's G10 a compact plate ideal for the beginner (that's worth £25 to you - use code VTR10 when ordering.)


10% off one of the most interesting models we've seen in a long while, the HyperVibe G17 Pro - a discount worth £250! - enter the code VTR17 when ordering from their website)

Please click the links to read our reviews and how to claim your discount.

Choosing The Right Retailer

It's not always the retailer offering the lowest price, that should get your business. When you're purchasing a piece of fitness equipment, please keep in mind the after sales service.

The lowest price may represent a poor investment in the long run if something goes wrong. Some retailers may try to wriggle out of the warranty on some technicality, or insist you pay the transit costs if your plate needs to be returned for repair.

We've had emails from people who say the retailer diagnosed the fault over the phone, and then posted a part for the customer to fit themselves, even though this is likely to invalidate the manufacturer's warranty, or even be dangerous. This is often a practice by drop-shippers, companies who simply pass your order onto a third-party and take a percentage. In some cases, they may not even have the authority to sell a particular brand, and therefore cannot honour the warranty.

Other less scrupulous suppliers, may have bought old stock, rebranded it, and sell it on as the next best thing for a ridiculously low price - usually with no warranty at all.

So 'let the buyer beware' is still relevant. Remember, if it looks to good to be true it usually is! If you have any doubts, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

The retailers we recommend on this website do not do this sort of thing. But always check the warranty for details such as maximum user weight, recommended usage and where the machine will be used. Storing your plate in a leaky shed in a pool of water will not help your case - yes, we've actually heard of this sort of thing!

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