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VibroGym Professional Plate Review

The VibroGym Professional Plate The VibroGym Professional has two 350 W motors that are built into the platform and the electronics are the same as used in Formula 1 racecars.

When we first saw this machine we noticed immediately a distinct difference to most other vibration plates as the half rounded handle bar is placed horizontally at mid body level. And after a short trial workout we realised the position of the handle bar actually makes you adopt a more active posture, which we welcome as exercise specialists. Anything that encourages people to work on their posture is a fantastic bonus

From a mechanical point of view the Professional offers 4 different vibration frequencies (30, 35, 40 & 50 Hz) and 3 different time options (30, 45 and 60 sec) that can be repeated by simply pressing the repeat button.We noticed that you could also change the vibration frequency during your workout without stopping the whole machine and having to reset your chosen programme.

Please see our technical guide for help with these terms.

The High/ Low option allows you to increase and decrease the intensity, but all of these operations can only be keyed into the main control panel. Half way down the support column you'll find an additional stop/start/repeat button that comes in handy when performing seated exercises for example.

The unit comes with a free VibroTraining DVD, a VibroTraining poster, two adjustable VibroStraps, a VibroMat and a VibroDeluxe Mat.

Our view:

The VibroGym Professional lends itself for use in smaller health clubs or spas, and would certainly make a great addition to your home gym. Whether your aim is to shed the pounds or increase your strength, stamina or flexibility the machine has sufficient features to help you achieve this. And you don't have to be an IT wiz kid to work the operations keyboard.

The machine itself looks understated, and in our view is lacking creative contemporary design.

With its Siemens technology and impressive arrray of features, it amounts to a quality piece of equipment - but you would expect that at this price.

Thumbs Up:  

VibroGym technology is a well-respected brand in the health and fitness industry.
The actual platform has a good size allowing for greater movements.
Max user weight is comparatively high; hence machine lends itself to people carrying excess weight.
Vibration frequencies and timer options give sufficient flexibility to create some effective exercise programmes.
Useful Start/ Stop/ Repeat button lower down the column.
Useful free exercise DVD and poster.
Two different free mats for workout on and in front of the vibration trainer.
Control panel is very clear and easy to operate.
There are upper body strap attachment sites to both sides and on the front of the platform.
The free 9-week programme is designed for the novice to introduce the body to this new way of training.

Thumbs Down:  

Not a very 'sexy' vibration trainer, it lacks finer contemporary design.
Vibration frequencies cannot be set in 1 HZ increments.
The jump from 40 Hz to 50 Hz is high; I would prefer an additional 45Hz interval.
The machine has no preset programmes.
This machine might not have sufficient frequency for the professional athlete.


Model name: VibroGym Professional
Dimension: H80 cm x W80cm x L140cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Max user weight: 140kg/ 300lbs
Weight: 90kg/ 193 lbs
Display: Membrane Keyboard
2 x 350 W Siemens Motors
Vibration Frequency: 30, 35, 40 & 50 Hz
Vibration type: Vertical
High/ Low Intensity Option
Timer: 30, 45 & 60 sec
Colour: Silver- grey
Warrenty: 2-year factory guarantee (conditions apply)

VibroGym Professional:

Star rating:  80%

Best Price: £5,795 from

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