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VibroGym Domestic Plate Review

The VibroGym Domestic Plate
VibroGym plates have a good reputation in the health and fitness industry. This could be thanks to the Siemens motor and the fact that VibroGym have been developing and manufacturing vibration plates for over 12 years now.

The VibroGym Domestic is definitely a vibration plate designed for home or office use only. If simplicity and practicality are a 'must' for you, then this machine might be one of your favourite choices.

It's light in weight and yet has a fair user weight allowance of 120kg/ 257 lbs. There are two vibration frequencies (30 HZ and 50 Hz) available with the options of High/ Low intensity settings. You can also choose between 30, 45 and 60 sec timings. Please refer to our buyer's guide for help on technical specification.

The operations panel is a membrane keyboard with a Start/ Stop/ Repeat button.

you also get two adjustable upper body straps, a mat that fits onto the platform, a training poster, DVD and a 9-week introduction programme.

Our view:

The VibroGym Domestic is a practical plate and certainly couldn't be described as 'singing and dancing'. But it doesn't have to be to deliver results - and this definitely will! It's relatively small in size, low in overall weight and has a smooth running, relatively quiet motor when compared to others. Therefore we can see it being used in an office or even in a smaller place like your bedroom.

However, we have to say that the design of the overall machine is incredibly basic, not very sexy. And we're also not sure why the control panel is positioned half way down the support column and not high up within the handle bar.

Thumbs Up:  

Siemens developed motor using Formula 1 technology.
Machine is light in weight.
Good user weight allowance of 120 kg/ 257 lbs.
Start up and running of machine is very smooth and quiet.
Supplied mat allows for further vibration reduction.
The 9-week introduction programme is very useful for the novice to vibration training.

Thumbs Down:  

The overall 'look' of the machine is not very attractive.
The control keyboard is half way down the column, not set higher up like most models.
Only 2 different vibration frequencies.
Only one colour available.


Model name: VibroGym Domestic
Dimensions: L60cm x W70cm x H130cm
Max user weight: 120 kg/ 257 lbs
Programmes: Training and Massage
Weight: 53 kg/ 114 lbs
Display: Membrane Keyboard
1 Siemens Motor
Vibration Frequencies: 30Hz, 50 Hz
Vibration type: Vertical
Timer: 30, 45, 60 sec options
Colour: Silver- grey
Warrenty: 2-year factory guarantee (conditions apply)

VibroGym Domestic:

Star rating:  75%

Best Price: £3,495 from

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