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JTX Fitness 6000

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JTX Pro10

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Powrx Active Evo 3.5

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Popular Vibration Plates in the US

Confidence Fitness Vibration plate Whole Body Vibration Training has been slower to catch on in the US when compared to many other countries, such as the UK and Germany. While many sports clubs have used vibration plates for their athletes, few have used them in the home. However, sales of power plates have more recently started to climb and now many brands are available in the US.

Here, we'll look at the popular plates and help you find a suitable model to meet your requirements within your budget.

First, up, just because something is a best-seller doesn't mean it's any good - it just means it's at a price that many are prepared to pay.

In my experience, some budget plates can deliver results, but these often take much longer to achieve, or may not meet with your expectations. Budget models cost less because of dated-technology, or limited features and functions.

The main factors that determine the cost of a vibration plate are the motor and platform. Low-cost plates tend to have oscillating plates, whereas the higher price models have the more effective vertical vibration - you can read more about the types of vibration plate here. But briefly, most experts (including us) believe vertical vibration offers a more challenging workout for your body and will therefore deliver faster and better results.

So it's no surprise, that just as in all aspects of life, you get what you pay for!

Note, please see our Buyer's Guide for more information about the technical stuff and things to consider when buying a plate.

Top Selling Plates (listed by low to high price)

We've listed below the models available in the Us where there is an equivalent in the UK we've tested.

Please note: Our scores below are given for a range of qualities such as features, durability, reliability and value for money. They should only be used to compare against other similarly priced models.

The Sunny Mini Shaker is one of the cheapest plates on the market at $140 - so set your expectations to low. This is a compact, columnless model so the number of positions you can use are limited. It does pack a reasonable punch for a small machine, so you will get limited results. Our review for the UK equivalent is here.

Our score :

$140 from

The Confidence Slim Full Body vibration platform is easily the most popular model at present. For under $250 you get a reasonably sized platform, upper body straps and a frequency range of 50-60 Hz. The console is simple to use and the long, curved bars allow for a good range of exercise positions.

We've reviewed a very similar model by Confidence Fitness for our UK customer, you can read a full review here.

Our score :

$250 from

The Axis-Plate E6600 offers many features for a great price. It costs twice that of the Confidence plate above, but you get around three times the plate in our view. The dual motors deliver a challenging and varied workout, and the 3 pre-set programs (you can also add three of your own) let you workout at the touch of a button. It comes in a range of colors, although we think the red is a matter of personal taste :)

We've reviewed the UK version of this model here.

Our score :

$499 from

The Dual Motor Power Vibe is what's called a 'tri-planar' platform. This uses both oscillation and vertical vibration to deliver a varied workout - in other words it can shake and wobble you into shape. This particular model has a large platform and long handles that means you can use a wide variation of exercise positions. In addition to the top console, there is a lower column control panel that makes for easy program selection from all exercise positions.

We've reviewed a similar tri-planar plate in the UK version of this model here.

Our score :

$899 from

The HyperVibe G10 Mini is a clever, compact vibration plate that takes WBV to the next level for ease of use and delivering results. It really couldn't be easier with the app and online tools that will take you through a program suited to you.

We've reviewed this plate in the UK - you can see the full review here.

Our score :

$999 from

The Power Plate Pro5 really is for those seriouly serious about whole body vibration training. It's the mother of all vibration plates from one of the two origin makers of the vibration platform. This beast will challenge even elite athletes with it's powerful punch - we advise users to start with the lower frequencies to begin with. This one really does deliever some amazing results - but for the price tag you shouldn't expect anything less. Yes, you did read that right - it's over $10K!

We've reviewed the UK version of this model here.

Our score :

$10,777 from

The Complete Vibration Training Program.

We get so many emails from people who have just bought a power plate and then don't know what to do with it! This set contains two giant wall charts with both a beginner and advanced training program. All upper, core and lower positions are covered to help you get the very best from your plate.

Each program also contains a stretching and relaxation section.

$29.99 from

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