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Vibration Training Guide
Benefits - what could a vibration plate do for you?
WBV Exercises - Examples of Whole Body Vibration positions.
Exercises for Golfers - Can WBV help golfers?
Vibration research - The latest scientific studies into the effects of WBV.
Training Advice - How to use a vibration plate.
Plate v bike - Which is best? A plate or exercise bike?>
WBV for Weight Loss - Can WBV help with burning fat?
Fat Burning - What is the best way to lose the fat?

Technical & Buyers' Guide
Buyers' Guide - What to look for when buying a plate.
Vibration types - Vertical vibration verses oscillating plates.
Price comparison - Compare price verses features with our table.
Equipment mats - Should you put a mat under your plate?
Voucher Codes - latest discounts from retailers

Model Reviews
Review List - All the plates we've reviewed to date.
Body Magic Rider - a ride machine that's fun to use.
Crazy Fit massage - latest model from this budget brand.
DKN Pro Evolve - starting to look dated but not a bad machine.
DKN Pro Extreme - a better option from DKN in our view.
DKN xG5 - stylish plate that delivers.
DKN xG10 - improvement on the xG5 above.
Flabelos P1 - popular with beauty salons.
Horizon Merit V1000 - entry model in Horizon's V-series.
Horizon Merit V2000 - good plate for a good price.
Horizon Merit V3000 - best of the v-series from Horizon.
iJoy Board - a 'surf' machine to work your core muscles.
iJoy Ride - horse riding machine that's great fun.
iJoy Twist - as above with an extra twist to work those muscles.
iTone - some nice features on a mid-priced model.
JTX5000XL - good, reliable budget model from a great brand.
JTX6000 - a great budget plate that delivers results.
JTX Pro10 - sticks it to the competition and then some.
Power Vibe - delivers a powerful punch.
Power Vibe MP3000 - worth a look.
Powerplate my3 - an ever-popular plate from the big name in WBV.
Powerplate my5 - one of the best in its category.
Powerplate Pro 5 - delivers one heck of a punch.
Powrx AE 2.7 - a great buy, best in its category.
Powrx AD 3.5 - another great plate from the new kids on the block.
Powrx G-Plate - can't wait to get our hands on this one.
Powrx Pro1 - slim, compact plate that can still deliver.
Powrx Pro2 - great compact, columnless plate with vertical vibration.
Powrx Pro 3.5 - a stunning plate - one of the best.
Proform Wellness - outdated, may find a bargain somewhere.
Reebok V7.1 - not so easy to find these days.
Revitive ix - advanced foot massager that's good for circulation.
Vibrogym Domestic - one of the early plates that still worth a look.
Vibrogym Professional - as above but bigger and more powerful.
Weslo Energy - a veteran on the scene that maybe should be retired now.

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