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Proform Wellness Plate Review

The Proform Wellness Plate Vibration Trainer Proform is one of the biggest selling brand in the US and is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. The Wellness Plate is offering a fair amount of features considering it is not very expensive.

It has a slightly more powerful motor (250 Watts) than the Weslo Energy Plate and therefore will create a better and slightly stronger vibration effect.

You can choose the vibration frequency between 20HZ and 50 Hz and increase it in 5HZ increments. We always welcome that feature especially for the less experienced user that wants to increase his/ her workout intensity gradually.

You also have timer options ranging from 30 sec to 120 sec whereby we have to say that we feel that a 120 sec uninterrupted vibration intervals is slightly outside our professional comfort zone. We don't recommend more than 60 sec per interval, but that's us.

Apart from that you will also find 4 different pre-set programmes for Upper body, Lower body, Abdominals and Total Body workouts. The Proform Wellness Plate comes with 2 adjustable upper body straps and a contoured mat that can additional help you to reduce vibration as an in-between step from the 5 HZ increments.

Our view:

Lots of features and a relatively good motor make the Proform Wellness Plate a good value model. The vibration range and the manual timer are great if you want to do your own thing but for other less experienced users the 4 pre-set programmes are invaluable.

The weight of the machine is slightly heavier (50kg) than the Weslo Energy Plate and we thought it gives the unit a more sturdier feel. The handle bar however needs to be re- designed in our opinion, your hands are always at one point only and you could literally end up in a squat with your arms overhead.

The two-year parts and labour warranty speak for manufacturer's confidence in this model.

Thumbs Up:  

Vibration frequency can be stepped up in 5 HZ increments.
More powerful motor that runs fairly quiet.
4 pre set programmes.
Manual settings possible for vibration frequency and timer.
The weight of actual machine is still light but unit feels sturdy.
Manufacturer Icon Health and Fitness are reputable in the industry.
Price is very low.
Free upper body straps and free contoured mat.
Two-year parts and labour guarantee.

Thumbs Down:  

The handle bar does not look great and is lacking grip flexibility.
It looks dated - and a bit like the rabbit in Donny Darko :0)
The display is very 'busy', you need to study it before starting your first workout.
There is no additional Start/Stop button lower down the column.
Platform a little small.
No High/Low settings available.


Model name: Proform Wellness Plate
Platform dimensions: 35 cm x 50 cm
Max user weight: 115 kg / 18 st
Programmes: 4 pre-set programmes
Weight: 50 kg
Display: LED
Motor 250 Watts
Vibration frequency: 20Hz to 50 Hz (in 5HZ increments)
Guarantee: 2-year parts and labour

Proform Wellness Plate:

Star rating:  45%

Best Price: £499 from Fitness Superstore

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