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Powrx Pro Evolution 3.5 Vibration Plate Review

The Powrx Pro EVO 3.5 Vibration Plate Well, well the Pro Evolution 3.5 has got to be the new 'Rolls Royce' of all vibration plates but without that extortionate price tag.

The most distinct difference between POWRX vibration plates and others on the market, is the latest DPS (Dual Power Suspension) Technology which has been specifically developed by this German company to intensify and improve the effectiveness of vibration training.

This all sounds great but does it really do what it says on the 'tin'? To our astonishment we have to say we were blown away. Baring in mind that we're accustomed to vibration training, we all got off this plate and really felt we'd had a fantastic workout. Not sure how to word it but it felt like a new dimension had been added to our training and our muscles were well fired up!

It is absolutely fantastic, and the plate has all the features you could wish for and more. The whole product, from smooth but very effective vibration technology to the different programming facilities, speaks of German precision.

The Pro EVO 3.5 is designed for durability and reliability and is therefore recommended for domestic as well as commercial use. This plate has all the mod cons for you to individualize your training programme. You can set the vibration intensity (Hz) in single Hz increments, ranging from 15 Hz to 60 Hz. (For help with the technical stuff like frequency and amplitude, please refer to our guide. You can choose the length of time you wish to perform each exercise and you can also vary the displacement of the plate from Low to High.

It also has 4 pre set programmes for Upper Body, Lower Body, Abdominals and Core or Total Body. Each exercise gets displayed graphically on the console display so no need to keep a paper manual around.

However there is one more very interesting feature called 'user programme' which allows for programming of up to 3 individual user programmes that each run over 10 equal time intervals. For each interval you can set Hz, Amplitude and Time. Those settings can then be saved on the 'on-board computer'. As trainers we believe this to be very useful especially if the plate gets used by different users. In a studio setting it would make it possible for the trainer to pre-programme the machine for the individual clients and thereby personalising the service.

That's what we call 'Vorsprung durch Technik', lol

Our view:

We truly believe that POWRX have managed to supersede Power Plate which so far has been the top brand for vibration plates in our eyes. The quality of this product and its sister plates is just so impressive. Okay, granted, we had to call upon a couple of men to carry the plate into the studio but therefore anybody can exercise on it in a storm and you won't get blown over.

The 350W AC motor runs smooth and is very capable of producing high intensity vibrations, even when the user is of a heavier built. The various programme features make it a very exciting product for the domestic as well as commercial market. It comes with an additional contoured mat, two upper body straps and four different attachment sites on the plate, an exercise poster, a manual and all the necessary instructions and tools for assembly.

Thumbs Up:  

New Dual Suspension Power System
High quality plate, got a 'high end' feel to it
Customized amplitude possible
Very good size platform
All the latest technology built in
4 pre set programmes with movement display
3 individual programmes can be set and saved
The column and handlebar design allow support for any kind of exercise
Operating console at lower end of column
Platform is of great size and allows for multi directional movement
All supplied accessories are well designed and thought through
Plate lends itself to any type of user from beginners to top sports professionals

Thumbs Down:  

The packaged product is very heavy
Programming of User Programme takes a little bit of time
Logo design on column is very bold, comes down to personal preference


Model name: POWRX Pro Evolution 3.5 Fast Fit
Dimensions: (W) 890 mm x (L) 990 mm x (H) 1510 mm
Platform: 780mm x 600mm
Max user weight: 180 kg / 28 stone
Programmes: Manual, 4 pre set, 3 set +save
Timer: 30 - 180 secs
Vibration type: Vertical
Product weight: 103 kg
Display: LC display
Motor: AC Motor, 350 W
Vibration Frequency: 15 Hz to 60 Hz (in 1 Hz increments)
Amplitude: High/ Low
Guarantee: 2 years (domestic) 1 year (commercial)

Powrx Pro EVO 3.5:

Star rating:  90%

Best Price: £3,299 from

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