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Powrx Home Pro 2.0 Review

The Powrx Home Vibration Plate We hear from so many people telling us they would love a vibration plate, but just don't have the room. Well, here's something that might provide a great solution to your dilemma.

The Powrx Home Pro 2.0 is the new all-singing and dancing version of the popular Home Plate. It has no column and could fit right under your bed or dresser. And to make it even better, this particular columnless plate offers vertical vibration - easily the most beneficial type of vibration in our view (see below).

The vibration frequency ranges from 25 Hz to 45 Hz and can be changed in 5 Hz increments. The timer setting is simple; it's a 5 minute countdown which can be stopped and reset at any given point during the workout. See our technical guide for information on frequency.

The machine has 5 preset programmes; they are simply sequences of variable vibration intensities suitable for different types of exercises from lower and upper body to massage and flexibility.

The large platform has a rectangular shape and is covered with an anti slip rubber. The new casing is very stylish and would go nicely in most people's homes.

The plate can be operated manually, by using the touch buttons on the display, or you can use the small (but useful) remote control, which funnily enough has a key ring attached to it. This is a good idea if you're like a number of us who have a habit of misplacing items smaller than a mobile phone!

The Powrx Home also comes with upper body straps (see below) that attach to each side of the platform. We really appreciated the straps, as most columnless vibration plates do not have them, although you can only use them whilst standing on the platform.

Exercising with the columnless Powrx Home Vibration Plate

Our view:

The Powrx Home is ideal for home use, can easily be moved out of site and takes up little space. The vibration output was quite surprising considering the size of the plate - it definitely punches well above its weight! We think you can achieve very good training results with this smaller machine, but if you're an advanced sports person, we'd advise you to look towards a bigger and more powerful vibration plate.

We also think this plate would be ideal for less mobile people who would like to work on their balance and stability, or even increase circulation.

Thumbs Up:  

Vertical vibration - a big, big plus!
Adjustible amplitude for varying your workout
Love the new-style!
Non-intrusive sized plate
No assembly required - just unpack, plug in and you're ready to train
can be moved and stored easily
Good Hz and timer range
Upper body straps
Non slip surface
Remote control
Light weight
3 pre set programmes

Thumbs Down:  

Upper body can only be used whilst standing on top of plate
Not suitable for the advanced sports people


Model name: Powrx HOME Pro 2.0
Platform size: 58 cm x 54.5 cm x 16 cm
Type: Vertical vibration
Max User Weight: 150 kg
Vibration frequency: 25HZ- 45HZ, in 5 Hz increments
Platform aize: 40 x 53cm Vibration Type: Vertical
Timer Settings: 5 mins continuous, can be manually reset.
Motor: 200 W
Product weight: 20 KG
Warranty: 12 months for domestic use

Powrx HOME 2.0:

Star rating:  75%

Best Price: £269 from

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