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Powrx Active Evolution 4.0 HPS Review

The Powrx Active Evolution 3.5 Vibration Plate It seems like the Active Evolution series from Powrx has gained a big brother. We've always been impressed with the Active Evolution range but the launch of the new 4.0 HPS has just raised the bar higher.

This plate, considering it's aimed mainly at the home user, gets very close to the performance and feel of commercial plates with air-suspended plates used in gyms and health clubs... but without the price tag :0)

In operation, this plate is so quiet we had to check we'd switched it on! We found the vibration to be extremely tolerable (no brain-shake with this one) all thanks to the new, German engineered steel spring suspension system. Powrx call this 'HPS' (High Performance Suspension) and who are we to disagree. It's reduced the running noise and vibration transmission - so much you have to strain your ears to hear the machine running.

This new plate is clearly modelled on the Active Evolution 3.5 but with improved suspension technology. As far as the operation is concerned nothing has changed, it couldn't be simpler, the display is clear and easy to read, making it possible to get on with your training session without the need to study pages of user manuals. Because let's face it - who can be bothered to the read a manual these days?

However, when we say simple, that doesn't mean it's basic. The 4.0 HPS comes with a huge range of training options to choose from. First of all, the manual settings lets you increase the Hz and timer settings in single steps which allows for greater choice for your personal training program. There's also 4 pre-set programmes installed in the system covering upper body, lower body, abdominals and total body.

And finally, you can design and store up to 3 of your own vibration training programmes, making it possible to have your 10 minute personal workout ready at the touch of one button. This feature is quite unique and very useful, especially when time is of essence and you just want to get a quick workout in.

The overall design of the platform and column does not appeared to have changed from the Active Evolution 3.5 it's modelled on. We contacted Powrx to check and they confirmed it is the same, stating they retained the design due to its popularity with customers. However, we felt it would have been nice to see some design changes to make it stand out more from the range.

Note, the 4.0 HPS is available in black, white, silver or grey, but we have to say the battleship grey was a little too dull for our liking.

Our view:

We are very impressed with this plate! The remarkably smooth and quiet suspension system makes the vibration even more effective and comfortable to us and should result in even better training results. The underlying technology make it easy to use so you can spend your time actually getting on with the workout rather than trying to operate the controls. Put simply, it's a joy to use :0)

Thumbs Up:  

Good setting options
Option to set personal training program
Fantastic soft vibration feel
Almost no running noise
Two displays - top and lower column
Super steady platform
Muscles seem to be responding even quicker to the vibration
Look and feel of a high end vibration plate
Powrx offer free personal training consultation with the purchase

Thumbs Down:  

We had hoped for a new design aspect to the plate itself
A few of the exercise in the pre-set program are too simple but suitable for a beginner
Colour grey looks boring in our view
The included floor mat could be of a better quality

Technical specification:

Model name: POWRX Active Evolution 4.0 HPS
Vibration type : Vertical
Colours available : Silver, Black, White, Grey
Material : Fibreglass and Metal
Suspension : High Performance Suspension with steel springs
Platform Size : 65 cm x 51cm
Overall measurements : 76 cm x 91 cm x 156 cm
Product Weight : 93 kg
Maximum User Weight : 150 kg
Display : Monochrome, LCD
Motor : 250 Watt, AC Motor
Timer : 30 secs - 180 secs
Programs : 4 pre-set, 3 personal
Frequency : 25hz - 50Hz, in single increments
Amplitude : Low 1-2 mm, High 3-4 mm
Inclusive: Upper body straps, floor mat, top mat + 2x training charts

Active Evolution 4.0 HPS:

Star rating:  90%

Best Price: £2,299 from

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