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Powrx Active EVO 3.5 Review

The Powrx Active Evolution 3.5 Vibration Plate Having tested the Mother Plate, the Powrx Pro EVO 3.5, our expectations for the Active EVO 3.5 were very high, but we prepared ourselves for a disappointment. But nothing could be further from the truth. This model is clearly a top domestic plate and worth every penny.

Two things stood out, simplicity and precision. Typical German engineering, technology and attention to detail. Yes do like to have a laugh at their expense because they are such sticklers, but you have to give it to them, they usually come up with the goods.

The Active EVO benefits from the latest Dual Power Suspension which is a technology that has been developed specifically by this German company to intensify and improve the effects of vibration training. It's a solid plate, has this feel and look of great quality about it. Stylish column design with two operating consoles. The vibration frequency ranges from 25 Hz to 50 Hz and can be set in single Hz increments which is always a great way for the user to monitor their personal progress or even to fine tune a specific exercise.

The timer options begin at 30 sec and reach as far as 180 sec and can be increased in 5 sec increments. The amplitude, which is the highest and lowest point that the plate reaches when it moves up and down, gives the user two options from 1-2 mm and 3-4 mm. We noticed a significantly stronger training effect between the two amplitudes. This means that the user can advance and progressively increase the intensity of the workout over time. (Please see our buyer's guide here for help on the importance of amplitude and frequency.)

The display has a bold font making it easy to read and set, which makes life a lot easier for those users that do not wear their reading glasses during their workout. And who does?

Our view:

A quality vibration plate that we would be proud to own. With a powerful yet quiet and smooth running motor. Machine has a solid weight therefore does not move itself around the room like a robot when it vibrates. It even stayed in place when our athletic built trainer (a big chap) had a go! The platform size and surface allow for any possible movement on, off and across the plate. The setting options are suffice for any type of exercise.

One unique feature is the User Programme setting, whereby the user can set and save 3 different personalized programmes. Alternatively 3 different users can set and save their personal training programme.

Perhaps if we were asked how this product could be improved we might suggest throwing in a couple of strong men, good looking of course, with every delivery to move this weighted plate into the house. On a serious note we think the plate could benefit from a device that would make it possible to tilt and wheel it into place.

Thumbs Up:  

Simple operation.
Two operating consoles.
Upper body straps and great exercise poster.
Vibration frequency (Hz) can be set in single increments.
Timer settings can be increased in 5 sec increments.
Clear bold font on consoles.
DPS, latest vibration technology.
Stylish design.
2 colour options.
Solid quality plate.
Powerful motor runs smooth and quiet.
Programmes, 4, with graphical display of each exercise.
User programme setting allows personalized programming.

Thumbs Down:  

Assembly more difficult due to weight of plate.
No tilt and wheel facility.
Start/Pause button also acts as Reset Button.
4 pre-set programmes not overly exciting.


Model name: POWRX Active EVO 3.5
Dimensions: (W) 910 mm x (L) 760 mm x (H) 1560 mm
Platform: 650 mm x 510 mm
Max user weight: 180 kg, 28 stone
Programmes: Manual, 4 pre set, 3 set +save
Timer: 30 sec - 180 sec (can be in/decreased in 5 sec intervals)
Vibration type: Vertical
Product weight: 93 kg
Display: LCD display
Motor: AC Motor, 250 W
Consoles : 2
Vibration Frequency: 25 Hz to 50 Hz (in 1 Hz increments)
Amplitude: Low 1-2 mm High 3-4 mm
Guarantee: 2 years (domestic) 1 year (light commercial)

Powrx Active EVO 3.5:

Star rating:  85%

Best Price: £2,199 from

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