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Powrx Active EVO 2.7 Review

The Powrx Active EVO 2.7 Vibration Plate If you're looking for a high quality vibration plate to use at home, then you have probably just found it.

You can literally set this up in moments, press 'Start' and everything will be self explanatory. But as simple as it seems to operate this machine, we felt it doesn't by any means compromise its quality and effectiveness.

The Powrx Active Evolution 2.7 offers vertical vibration, which you should be able to expect from a good vibration plate, that delivers a better quality workout than an oscillating plate, in our view.

The frequency settings (Hz) range from 20 Hz to 50 Hz, and can be set in 5Hz increments with optional Low/High amplitude - how far the platform moves up and down. See our buyer's guide for more help on these technical terms.

Some users would prefer to have the option to increase Hz settings in single increments, as featured in the Powrx Active Evolution 3.5, however others will enjoy the simplicity of the easy-to-set increments.

The timer settings are also 'easy choice', ranging from 30sec, 45 sec to 60 sec - nothing too complicated here :0)

The 4 pre-set programs are interesting and seem to be designed for steady progress, but are probably not very challenging for a professional athlete.

We were particularly intrigued by the German patented Dual Power Suspension Technology and couldn't wait to find out if it makes any difference to the performance of this vibration plate. So we set it up next to another plate with a very well known brand name and let them rip. We found Powrx clearly had a significantly reduced running noise and 4 out 5 test subjects, that had no knowledge of the DPS system, reported a more tolerable and enjoyable vibration.

So two definite benefits here.

1. Reduced running noise will keep the neighbors happy, and
2. A more tolerable vibration will make the exercise so much more fun and exciting.

Our view:

This entire model offers 'get ready, set, go!' features that can be set on the clear LED display. With an additional display lower down on the column, you can start/stop the machine from any exercise position, whether you are seated on the platform, placing your hands on the platform or standing on the floor using the additional upper body straps. By the way, the complimentary exercise charts will give you some inspiration to try exercises that you perhaps never thought of before. It certainly gave us a good workout here in our trial studio, and we are supposed to be a fit bunch!

To wrap it up, the Active Evolution 2.7 has a very good size platform, a secure column with a stylish and appropriate handle bar and easy to use features. From an aesthetic point of view, this plate doesn't look very different to other high quality vibration plates, but without the price tag.

The Dual Power Suspension Technology reduces running noise levels significantly and produces softer, more tolerable yet highly effective vibration. All additional accessories look well made, especially the upper body straps, and the vibration reducing mat that can be placed on top of the platform, gives a more comfortable workout when you want to place your hands or derriere onto it!

Thumbs Up:  

Clear display with easy-to-use features.
Highly effective vibration for beginners to experienced sports people.
Fantastic size platform, no slip surface.
DPS technology reduces running noise.
DPS offers more tolerable, highly effective vibration.
Vertical vibration.
High/Low amplitude.
Comparable well with highly recognized brands, but without the price tag.
Free accessories are of durable quality.
Due to relative low weight, the machine is easy to assemble.
Operating console lower down on the column.
Adjustable amplitude.
Supplied exercise charts offer exciting new exercises.

Thumbs Down:  

Hz increments can only be set in 5 Hz increments.
Pre-set programs aren't very challenging for professional athletes.
Exercise charts could be a little smaller.


Model name: POWRX Active Evolution 2.7
Dimensions: (W) 940 mm x (L) 895 mm x (H) 1500 mm
Platform: 650 mm x 530 mm
Max user weight: 140 kg
Programmes: Manual + 4 pre-set
Timer: 30 / 45 / 60 secs
Vibration type: Vertical
Product weight: 54 kg
Display: LED display
Motor: AC Motor, 250 W
Consoles : 2
Vibration Frequency: 25 Hz to 50 Hz (in 5 Hz increments)
Amplitude: Low 1-2 mm High 3-4 mm
Guarantee: 2 years (domestic)

Active Evolution 2.7:

Star rating:  85%

Best Price: £1,499 from

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