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Power Plate Pro 5 Review

The Power Plate Pro 5
Vibration Plates from Powerplate UK

The Power Plate Pro 5 is perhaps the 'Rolls Royce' of vibration plates. It's quality machine that's been around for years - but it also comes with that sort of price tag!

The Pro 5 replaces the previous Power Plate Next Generation. If money wasn't an issue we would certainly opt for this one. It just feels like a solid piece of equipment.

The platform is more circular and has much more surface space than the My5. This does of course allow for a greater range of movement.

The maximum weight allowance of 180kg/ 400lbs makes this unit also interesting for the slightly bigger built amongst us. The timer settings are 30, 45 and 60 sec and the vibration settings are 30, 35,40 and 50Hz but you can also increase the frequency in one step increments, which we love and it's a feature that we would personally like to see on all vibration plates.

The Pro 5 also has two upper body straps and comes supplied with one contoured mat, plus a free exercise DVD and manual.

Our view:

The Pro 5 has certainly got what it takes and we can see why this machine is being used commercially in Health and Fitness Clubs. If you are considering buying this model for home use then we would think it would only make sense if there is more than one person that will make regular use of it, otherwise it is just too expensive in our view.

There are other quality plates costing around half the price that will still deliver excellent results. See our comparison table here.

Thumbs Up:  

Solid piece of exercise equipment.
Platform shape and size allow for great range of movement.
Due to weight and solid suspension of the unit you can easily perform lunges and jumps onto the platform.
One step increments possible to increase vibration frequency.
High max weight allowance, ideal for people on weight loss programme.
Main 'switchboard' is very user-friendly, easy to read with simple graphics, so you don't waste time figuring out operating instructions.

Thumbs Down:  

The start up very abrupt, comes as a little bit of a surprise if you are a novice.
The price is high if machine is part of home set up.
The motors make more noise than other machines.
Only comes in one colour( silver).


Model: Power Plate Pro 5
Dimensions: 34 x 42 x 62in / 87 x 107 x 157cm.
Max user weight: 400 lbs / 180 kg.
Features: PrecisionWaveTM Technology.
Weight: 330lbs/ 150 kg.
Display: Touch button, LCD.
Motor: DualSyncTM Twin Motor System
Vibration: 25 - 50 hz, One step advance frequency adjustment Pre-Settings 30, 35, 40 and 50Hz
Timer: 30 / 45 / 60 sec, up to 9 min
Colour: Black, White and Silver.
Guarantee: 3 year commercial on all parts.

Power Plate Pro 5:

Star rating:  80%

Best Price: £7,495 from Fitness

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