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Power Plate MY5 Review

The Power Plate MY5 in silver
Vibration Plates from Powerplate UK
The Power Plate MY5 is by far our most preferred Power Plate for home or office use. It has all the features you will need to get yourself into top shape. The operating face is very clear and the setting symbols are easy to understand.

The platform is of significant size and allows for movement in all directions and the non-slip surface will give you the confidence to change feet positioning during a time sequence.

The Power Plate My 5 offers 3 different vibration frequencies from 30 Hz, over 35Hz to 40 Hz, with high and low intensity options and two timer settings (30 sec and 60 sec).

The best feature is the Incremental adjustment you can make to the vibration frequency .You can go up in 1Hz increments from 30 Hz to 40 Hz which is fantastic considering the pre set increments are noticeably big steps.

It also allows intensifying your training very gradually The initial vibration start up on all Power Plates is very sudden and it usually takes a second to get used to it. We put that down to the fact that these plates have two motors that kick in together.

Additionally this is the only Power Plate that also offers 4 pre set programmes for you to choose from including Strength, Stretch, Massage and Relaxation

The pre settings are as follows:
Stretch: 30sec, 30 Hz, Low
Strength: 30sec, 35 Hz, High
Massage 60 sec, 40 Hz, High
Relaxation 60 sec, 30 HZ, Low    (see our Buyer's Guide for help on technical terms.)

The maximum weight load for this machine is 135 kg which again might be a little bit on the low side if you carry a fair amount of weight.

It comes with a remote control to start the machine when you are either seated on the platform or placing one or both feet on the floor. We prefer a quick start button to a remote control, but that's us. We tend to misplace or loose my remote quite easily :0(

The My5 also comes with a free DVD/ Manual, two upper body straps and one contoured mat. Colour options are black, white and silver.

Our view:

If money was not an option this machine would be one of our preferred options. The general size of the platform, the various setting options, the general quality feel make it a very attractive vibration plate.

So how does it rate against the other top of the range models? You can check in our price v. features table here.

Thumbs Up:  

Great work out and results for people with little time.
3 variable vibration settings (30 Hz /35Hz/ 40Hz).
High / Low Amplitude.
Incremental adjustments of 1 Hz possible, allowing for gradual increase of training intensity.
Good size platform, allowing movement in all directions.
Non-slippery platform surface.
Powered by 2 motors.
4 optional pre set programmes (Stretch, Strength, Massage, Relaxation).
Remote control.
Contemporary design with 3 colour options.
Machine feels solid / sturdy.
User-friendly operating face.
Machine cuts off immediately when switched off, no slowing down noise.
Comes with free DVD, Manual, 2 upper body straps, 3 free contoured mat to dampen vibration or when a body part is in contact with the plate surface.
1-year warranty on all parts for use in home environment.

Thumbs Down:  

Weight restriction is still low (136 kg).
Initial kick-start of motors feels a little 'harsh'.
Only comes with one free mat.
Machine might need an additional Power Plate Shield to reduce downward vibration and noise.
Weight of machine is 90 kg, making it less practical to move around the home or office.
Warranty on labour only extends to 90 days.


Model: Power Plate My5
Dimensions: 27 in x 35 in x 59in (68 cm x 90 cm x 150 cm).
Max user weight: 300 lbs/ 135 kg.
Features: Remote control, quick start programs for Strength, Stretch, Massage and Relaxation.
Weight: 200lbs/ 90 kg.
Display: Touch button, LCD.
Motor: .
Vibration: Pre setting of 30, 35 and 40 HZ, high and low option, one step increments possible.
Timer: 30 or 60 seconds.
Colour: Black, White and Silver.
Guarantee: 3 year on all parts - for home use only.

Power Plate MY5:

Star rating:  70%

Best Price: £2,999 from

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