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Power Plate MY3 Review

The Power Plate MY3 Vibration Plate
Vibration Plates from Powerplate UK
The Power Plate MY3 is the smallest out of the whole Power Plate range. If simplicity is one of your main criteria then this machine is the one for you. It simply has a Stop/ Start button, a time button with only 30sec/ 60 sec options, one button for High/ Low intensity and a repeat button. Simple.

The vibration frequency is pre set at 35 Hz, which means that the plate you are standing on vibrates 35 times per second.

The platform you stand on is oblong and does not allow for too much range of movement whilst on the plate. We would prefer a machine that allows for different vibration frequencies but having said that this machine will definitely give you good results.

The MY3 comes with 2 upper body straps that you can attach to the machine to perform upper body strength exercises.

Additionally the manufacturer supplies 3 contoured mats that are made of varying thickness, they are designed to either reduce or increase the intensity of the vibration. Great idea, especially since some users might find 35Hz vibration frequency a little bit too intense to
start off with.

Half way down the column of the machine is another quick start button which is very useful when you are performing seated exercises or exercises with one foot on the floor and you cant reach the main `switchboard` The maximum weight capacity is only 120 kg, so not ideal for the slightly bigger framed individuals. And the frame colour only comes in Silver.

Even though the machine does not have too many settings, it will be very easy to design an interesting and successful exercise programme by adding other pieces of exercise equipment i.e. dumbbells.

So how does it match up to it's competitors? You can see our scores in our price comparison table.

Our view:

Personally we would prefer a machine that allows for different vibration frequencies but having said that this machine will definitely give you good results. We think this product lends itself more to the general exerciser looking to tone up and possibly loose some weight but not is not of ideal size for intense training.

The price matches expectations.

Thumbs Up:  

Simple to operate
Practical Quick Start button lower down the machine.
Vibration Intensity option through High and Low settings.
Small design fits well into small spaces.
Price includes delivery and assembly.
Machine comes with free Exercise DVD, free upper body straps and 3 contoured mats.

Thumbs Down:  

Machine platform is small.
Maximum weight allowance is low.
Machine not well suited for sports specific training or professional athletes.


Model: Power Plate My3
Dimensions: 26 in x 32 in x 62 in (65 cm x 82 cm x 157 cm).
Max user weight: 264 lbs/ 120 kg.
Features: Vibration presetting at 35 Hz, high and low options.
Weight: 126 lbs/ 57 kg.
Display: Touch button, LCD.
Timer: 30 and 60 sec options.
Colour: Metallic silver/ Black.
Guarantee: 3 year on all parts - Home use only.

Power Plate MY3:

Star rating:  65%

Best Price: £1,695 from

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