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Power Vibe eTONE Review

The Power Vibe eTONE Vibration Plate When the Vibe eTone arrived at our studio for testing, we were hugely impressed with the design. Its 'sm'allish' almost round, no handle bars and remotely controlled. The sort of plate that would easily fit under your bed therefore hardly takes up any space.

So then we thought - is it too small to deliver a decent workout.

But to our surprise this plate exceeded our expectations. The 1000 W motor is powerful but the running noise is super quiet.

The vibration type is oscillation - please see our guide to vibration training for more information on platforms and technical terms.

It delivers 30 different speed settings and the higher settings are certainly a real physical challenge. We're supposed to be fit but even we had to work our way up through the speed settings over a period of time.

We think we can confidently say that even the more advanced athlete would benefit from this plate, unless you are a 6ft 8 quarter back. The maximum user weight is set at 120 kg. max.

You're able to control the whole operation via the remote control, but there's also a complete control and display panel on the unit. The remote controlis perhaps a little basic, we would like the lettering on it to be clearer, especially for those of us whose arms are not long enough anymore for reading small print :0)

Our view:

The eTONE will deliver good results. It has 3 pre-set programmes that simply have a different grade of intensity that gradually increases over a set time. But you can also choose the Manual option.

Additionally it has 3 different intensity option that when chosen will automatically take the machine up to a certain speed level.

As the plate is relatively small and has no handlebars it gets the highest score for 'movability' and 'storability'. However we do understand that some people prefer using handlebars for their routine and others would feel more secure knowing they can hold onto the bars. The potential advantage of not having a column and handlebars is the possibility for a greater range of movement when using hand held weights like dumbbells or a bar whilst on the vibration plate.

Thumbs Up:  

Great range of vibration frequency with 30 different speed options.
3 pre set programmes that are designed to increase intensity levels gradually.
3 pre set speed levels for convenience (Low= Med= High= ).
Powerful motor.
Very quiet running noise, great if you live on an upper floor or in an apartment.
Does not require much space, thumbs up for 'storability'.
Remotely and manually controlled.
Good sized rounded platform.
Machine is relatively light in weight.
When stopping the machine it gradually decreases speed levels, very smooth.
4 adjustable footpads.
Very little assembly required, machine comes almost ready to use.
Orbus Leisure is a reputable online retailer.
12-month warranty.

Thumbs Down:  

No upper body attachment sites.
Max user weight is a little bit low.
Remote control handset is hard to read.
Outer platform does touch base unit when vibrating if feet are placed at max width.
Only a very basic exercise guide provided.


Model name: Orbus Power Vibe etone
Dimensions: L 66 cm x W 66 cm x H 27 cm (round)
Max user weight: 120 kg
Programmes: 4 (3 plus 1 manual) + 3 preset speed options
Product weight: 35 kg
Display: LED displaying time and speed
Motor: 1000 W
Vibration frequency: 0 - 48 Hz
Speed range: 0 - 30 levels
Warranty: 12 months

Power Vibe eTone:

Star rating:  45%

Best Price: £189* from Orbus Leisure

* Includes 5% special discount - enter code MAVTR5% at checkout.

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