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Plates We Like

Under £500

JTX Fitness 6000 vibration plate
JTX Fitness 6000

Powrx Pro compact vibration plate
Powrx Pro 2.0

Under £1,500

JTX Fitness Pro 10 power plate
JTX Pro10

DKN Xg5 vibration plate in black

Over £1,500

The Powrx Active Evolution 3.5 vibration plate in black
Powrx Active Evo 3.5

The Power Plate Pro 5 in silver
Power Plate Pro 5

Unbiased Vibration Plate Reviews

The Powrx Active Evolution 3.5 in black
We write our reviews after talking to our clients and expert personal trainers in the field of vibration training. We also keep our eyes open for the latest models and new technology as it arrives.

This is a dynamic (and competitive) area of fitness training, with many manufacturers spending hundreds of thousands to come up with the next innovation.

So it's important to keep informed before you part with your cash.

Our write-ups on this website are 'proper' reviews, that is, we don't just copy the manufacturer's specification and short product description - you've probably come across a number of sites doing this!

This sort of training is still relatively new, when compared to other types of fitness equipment, and so everyone is still learning. It has to be said, that a number of brands jumped on the bandwagon when Madonna announced she used a power plate - see power plate training benefits for more information. This resulted in quite a number of low-cost, poor quality platforms that you'd be lucky to see any results from using.

Thankfully, many of these models have bitten the dust and there are some pretty reasonable budget models around. But it's still true that you get what you pay for!

There are some good machines for under £300, but to get the best results from the new technology, such as vertical vibration, you'll need to be spending around a £800 and upwards. This may seem quite an investment, but these platforms will last for years, and what's more, deliver the results you're looking for.

And we not only help you to find the best model, we'll help you find the best price and retailer offering the best value and after sales service. If you're unsure of what all the technical terms mean, please read our buyer's guide here.

We're not paid to include any models reviewed here, but we do earn a small commission for referrals - note this doesn't influence the scores we award each plate.

To help you make an informed decision before you buy, you can compare price verses features with our extensive comparison table here.

Some Of Our Current Favourites!

Budget Models

JTX Fitness 6000 in silver We were very impressed by the JTX Fitness 6000 plate, so impressed that we thought they'd sent us the wrong plate to test! It has an oscillating and vibrating plate for maxium results, long curved handles for most positions, and a wide plate.

And it's under £500.

Our score :

Read our full review here.

Powrx Home Pro 2.0 compact power plate If you're short on space (and cash at the moment, and who isn't!), the Powrx Home Pro 2.0 could be just the answer. This compact plate packs quite a punch and is the only plate of its sort to deliver vertical vibration for fast results.

It takes up so little space, and when you're done, you can slide it under your bed.

Our score :

Read our full review here.

Mid-Range Plates

Horizon Merit V3000
The Horizon Merit V3000 is a very stylish looking plate. It has a wide frequency range, starting nice and low for beginners to vibration training, and an easy-to-use console and programs.

All in all, a very nice plate, suitable for beginners or experienced 'WBV-ers' alike.

Our score :

Read our full review here.

JTX Pro 10 The JTX Pro 10 has a lot of feature for a plate coming in an just under £1,000. For a start, it comes with tri-planar vibration to give your muscles really something to think about. It's also easy to use and the well-designed handles are great for many positions.

A great plate for home use at a very reasonable price.

Our score :

You can read more here.

Top of the Range Models

Powrx Pro Evolution 3.5 The Powrx Pro Evolution 3.5 is about as good as it gets right now. The Dual Power SuspensionTM power system delivers one heck of a workout.

We can see the day when this model becomes the preferred choice of gyms - it's hot on the heels of Power Plate! Whether a beginner or elite athlete, this mother will deliver a session to blow your socks off :0)

Our score :

Read the full review here.

Power Plate Pro 5 And not forgetting the Power Plate Pro 5! Top gymnasiums and salons use this plate for good reason - it's indestructible.

Yes it will set you back over £7,000 - but just look at it! This delivers results year on year and will take anything you can throw at it.

Our score :

Read more at Power Plate Pro 5 review.

The Other Models Reviewed To Date

Body Sculpture Bm1505 - possibly the cheapest vibration plate on the market that might suit a few.

Confidence Plus - a low budget, best-seller that has something to offer.

Crazy Fit Massage - yet another low-priced model from Crazy Fit with a few nice touches.

DKN Pro Evolve - looks dated now, but easy to use with some good programs.
DKN Pro Extreme - another 'old-fashioned looker', but is very quiet.
DKN Xg5 - very stylish, easy-to-use vibration plate.
DKN Xg10 - an improvement on the Xg5 - great looking model.

Flabelos P1 - looks awful, but very popular with saloons for good reason.

Horizon Merit V1000 - clean design, good frequency range and value for money.
Horizon Merit V2000 - good sized platform, plus an impressive set of accessories.

JTX5000 XL - great budget model with a powerful kick!
JTX Salon S2 - aptly named Salon-quality machine at a good price for the home user.

Power Plate Review my3 - an ever-popular mid-priced model.
Power Plate Review my5 - a favourite with gyms - but pricey.

POWRX HOME Pro 1.0 - very light and compact, this columnless plate still delivers a punch.
POWRX Active Home - compact and sleek design with some great features.
POWRX Active Evolution 2.7 - a top plate for a great price.
POWRX Active Evolution 3.5 - a top platform for home use - vertical vibration.
Proform Wellness Plate - looks both dated and over-priced now.

Reebok V7.1 - distinctive plate with a large platform

Revitive IX - the circulation booster that now has medical approval.

Weslo Energy Plate - it's been around for a while - lower price a plus.

VibroGym Domestic - reliable, hard-working, but not very sexy.
VibroGym Professional - impressive specification, but maybe not a match for Power Plate or Powrx.

Also check these 'riders':-

iJoy Ride
iJoy Twist
iJoy Human Touch Board
Body Sculpture Magic Rider

If you'd like to see a model reviewed not listed here please email us today

Sceptical About Power Plates?

It's no surprise that many people doubt the claims made of these machines. It does really sound too good to be true. Of course the top plates achieve better results, but what about the theory behind the technology?

Here's a great interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, a health physician and personal trainer. He's interviewed by Tony Swain of Power Plate North America. Yes, okay, it's a mutual appreciation exercise - but the theory is discussed in depth if you're interested in the science :0)

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