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Medicarn 300 Vibration Plate Review

The Medicarn 300 vibration plate in silver The Medicarn 300 is one of the more recent plates in the large Medicarn range. This brand have been around for many years and have sold budget models in their thousands.

A quick check of lower priced vibration plates will show many similar plates. That's because the basic models are made by the same manufacturer and the retailer will pick and mix the specification, then badge and brand the end product.

Medicarn have also patented their own handles and chosen to use more powerful motors - and a surprisingly quiet one at that.

So is it better or worse than the many other plates available in this price range?

We'd say slightly better. And that's because of the above mentioned motor and the handles - the rest is very similar.

It does come with 10 pre-set programmes which is more than most machines priced under £300. But we often find that most users tend to use only two or three at most - a bit like your washing machine :0)

While the plate size is average (much smaller when compared to more expensive models), it does feel more stable than other similar plates - thanks to the deeper platform and support feet. This helps when you start to get adventurous with the exercise positions - and if you're a larger frame.

The type of vibration used in all budget machines is oscillating and the Medicarn 300 is no different. If you're new to Whole Body Vibration training (WBV), you can read in detail about the two main types of vibration plate on the market here. But briefly and in plain-speak, oscillating plates wobble you side to side, vertical vibration plates jiggle you up and down. Both will cause your muscles to contract and relax, and hence that's how you get your workout.

But in our view, and a growing number of experts, vertical vibration delivers better (and faster) result. However, you have to be prepared to pay much more due to the mechanics involved - around £900 will get you a vertical plate.

But if your budget is limited, an oscillating plate will get results - it just takes longer.

The display and control panel - see picture below - is easy enough to use with its one-touch buttons. Although when using low exercise positions you won't be able to read it. This is the same for all plates in this range so it shouldn't put you off - you only get a base display on machines costing more.

Our view:

There's really not a lot to choose in our view between this and the Crazy Fit Massage. It's a reasonable plate at a reasonable price from a brand that's been around more years than most in this market. It will show results in time, but we believe the JTX 5000XL is a better buy from a company with a proven track record of good customer service - and for only £30 more.

The Medicarn 300 Display

Medicarn 300 display and controls

Thumbs Up:  

Quiet and powerful motor
Good handles for varied exercise positions
Plenty of speed settings to choose from (99 in total)
Sturdier than most budget plates
10 pre-set programmes - make it easy to use

Thumbs Down:  

It takes an age to assemble - put it's only once
The platform seems a little small
Looks very dated compared to some other models
It seems a little over-priced
Reports of poor customer service - although we've had no problems

The Technical Stuff:

Model name: Medicarn 300
Dimensions: 62 cm x 71 cm x 138 cm (height)
Platform: 71 cm x 62 cm
Max user weight: 150 kg / 23.5 stone
Programmes: 8
Speed settings: 99
Product weight: 49 kg
Display: LED
Motor: 1750 W
Vibration Type: Oscillating
Warrany: 12 months

Medicarn 300

Star rating:  45%

Best Price: £249 from

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