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Vibration Mats: To Buy or not to Buy?

vibration plate mat by Powrx So you're just about to click the 'buy now/ add to cart button' when you get the reminder - 'people who bought this also bought a vibration plate mat'. How annoying. You've just committed to the idea of spending quite a bit of your hard-earned cash on a plate, and now they're trying to get you to buy a fancy mat for another forty to fifty pounds!

Is it a con, or should you tick the box and get one?

Our view is that is could save you money in the long run, especially if spending 500 or more on a machine. Why? Several reasons. You could damage your floor if using a model with high amplitude and frequency settings. Although many will come with rubber 'feet' to stand on, the vibration can spoil the look of a wooden or stone floor.

To Protect and Serve

Yes, okay a little dramatic but not too far from reality. Because a vibration mat also works the other way. A shock-absorbing mat can protect your machine and improve its durabilty by dampening the vibrations coming back up through the plate when standing on a hard floor.

A good mat - and we suggest one that is at least 15mm thick - also reduces the sound of the vibrations. This is advisable if you live in a flat, or are using the machine in an upstairs room.

Many exercise positions involve having part of your body off the platform, so a mat will make you workout more comfortable in a way the a standard exercise mat can.

Another issue is one of hygiene. When you exercise, you'll perspire. If you have a wooden, stone or carpeted floor under you machine, it will collect your sweat. Okay, it's not difficult to mop up a wooden or stone floor, but a carpet will absorb your fluids and can lead to unpleasant smells later. A vibration mat can be easily clean after use - most are specifically made to be easy-clean - saving any embarrassing stains and smells.

Here's our tips for getting the right mat:-
  • Should be at least 15mm thick
  • Should be larger than the base of your machine for off-plate exercise positions
  • Choose a durable material - we suggest nitrile rubber (also known as NBR)
  • Should be easy to wipe down after workout (NBR is fine)

So for these reasons, we believe it's best to buy a mat to increase the life of your machine and make your workout area a pleasant one.


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