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JTX Pro-10 Review

The JTX Pro-10 Vibration Plate Yes Yes Yes! The Pro-10 is a very nice plate, considering the price. We were pleasantly surprised how well this plate worked. We have always been a fan of triplanar vibration and to find that in a plate in the lower price category is pretty amazing.

Immediate impression, great weighted plate in the mid price range. Platform size and surface make it possible to do almost any type of exercise. Lateral movements across the plate were also no problem. The attached upper body straps are adjustable and carry numbered markings to make it easy to set both straps at the same length. Kind of takes the guess work out of it.

We find overall the design of this machine very pleasing, perhaps we're not overly keen on the slightly more squarish look of the column but that is a purely personal preference. Someone else might see this very differently as it sets the JTX Pro 10 aesthetically apart from other plates.

The features on this plate are relatively simple, you have 4 different HZ settings to choose from, 4 different timer settings, a high and low amplitude setting with a good range, and 5 different pre set programmes to choose from. You can also manually change the Hz frequency in individual increments whilst you are exercising. (See our technical guide for further information).

The 5 different programmes are literally a sequence of different intensities over a 10 min period with rest intervals. Reading the instructions we thought the programmes were pretty well thought through but leave the user to design the exercises themselves. You can however use the ones demonstrated on the poster which comes as a free gift.

A slight problem for us was to be able to read the interface; the lettering was not easy to make out. It would help if the whole display would light up.

Another unique feature is that you can detach the lower control from the plate and use it as a remote control. Quite good for those times when you are perhaps lying on the floor with your legs being massaged on the plate. But careful, if you are anything like us, than this will also enable you to lose the remote control really quickly :0)

We noticed the suspension is a little soft, so we do wonder how this would work out if the user performs a lot of dynamic exercises on the plate. Of course a difficult question to answer, but then again the plate the plate comes with a great 3 year guarantee. You can compare this model against others in a similar price range with our comparison table here.

The Upper and Lower Display and Controls

The display console on the JTX Pro 10 vibration plate The lower control unit on the JTX Pro10Vibration Plate

Our view:

The JTX Pro 10 is a surprisingly good plate for the mid price range. It's simple to use, great for those that just want to assemble the plate and start training. Looking at effectiveness we have to say this plate will do what it says it does. For most users the output and performance of this plate will definitely be sufficient.

PS. You have to see the 'little man' exercise demo on the poster. He looks pretty worn out after the 'Adductor Massage' exercise. Hilarious. But the poster itself is great.

Thumbs Up:  

Good domestic user plate
Tri planar vibration
Simple to operate
Two operating consoles
Very functional handlebar
Lower control can be used remotely
Good sized platform
Strap adjustment settings are numbered
Cooling fan
Rear wheels for easy 'moveability'

Thumbs Down:  

Plate has a soft sprung feel when not in motion
Control face slightly difficult to read
Remote controls can easily be lost/ displaced
Upper body strap attachment sites only to side of plate
No exercise DVD supplied


Model Name: JTX Pro 10
Dimensions: 150cm (h) x 70cm (w) x 75cm (d)
Platform size: 70cm (l) x 50cm (w)
Max user weight: 150kg
Programmes: 5
Product weight: 75 kg
Display: LED
Motor: 2 x 150 W AC motors
Vibration type: Vertical Tri-planar
Vibration frequency: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50Hz (but can be increased in 1 HZ increments)
Amplitude: Low (1-2mm) High (3-4mm)
Timer settings: 30, 45, 60, 90 sec
Guarantee: 3 full year warranty

JTX Pro-10:

Star rating:  80%

Best Price: £1,199 from JTX Fitness
or from £49 a month with interest-free credit.

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