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JTX6000 Vibration Plate Review

The JTX6000 Vibration Plate

The first thing that crossed our minds when we assembled the JTX6000 was - have they sent us the wrong plate? We honestly thought it couldn't be the right one, it has the look and feel of a machine costing twice as much.

The sturdy column, large plate and long, sculptured training handles wouldn't look out of place in a gym.

But does it deliver what it promises?

The short answer?

Yes, it pretty much does. And the feature that places this above most of the competition in this price range, is the oscillating and vibrating plate.

They tell us a picture tells a thousand words, so rather than trying to explain it, see the diagram below.

The two planes of motion offer greater training benefits and a wide range of exercise possibilities. You can use either plane individually, or combine them using the 99 speed settings to deliver a suitable and challenging workout.

Obviously, it's not the same as the vertical vibration that's available on higher-priced models - but you have to be prepared to pay three times as much and then some for one of those.

But, if you're on a budget and have the space (check the machine's dimensions below), then this would be a great way to get started with this sort of training.

For peace of mind, the JTX6000 comes with a full one-year warranty that covers parts, labour, delivery and collection. JTX Fitness offer a great service in our view to ensure you'll not be out of pocket or disappointed if anything should go wrong. To compare with other budget plates, please click here.

The Upper and Lower Consoles

The display console on the JTX6000 Vibration Plate The lower control console on the JTX6000 Vibration Plate

Our view:

The JTX 6000 is a great plate for the price. We actually think they could easily sell this for more. The ability to set the oscillation and/or vibration levels offer a good variation of training possibilities. You'll easily find a programme to suit your level of fitness and experience on one of these machines.

The design of the handles allows for many more exercises than most other models in its price range.

The poster will give you a good set of exercises to begin with, but then you'd really need to look for more as you become more experienced with vibration training.

Thumbs Up:  

Great value for money
Good sized platform
Simple to operate
Two operating consoles - upper and lower
Good pre-set programmes for a budget model
Long, curved handlebars good for most positions
Comes with straps for more exercise positions
Console easy to use and read
Comes with exercise poster and DVD
One year full warranty for home use - see note above

Thumbs Down:  

Upper body strap attaches only to the side of the plate
If we're being picky - the exercise poster could be better


Model Name: JTX Fitness 6000
Dimensions: 143cm (h) x 75cm (w) x 75cm (d)
Platform size: 70cm (l) x 50cm (w)
Max user weight: 150kg
Programmes: 6
Product weight: 55 kg
Display: LED
Motor: 1500W (oscillation) + 500W (vibration) DC motors
Vibration type: Oscillation and vibration
Vibration frequency: n/a
Amplitude: 0-10mm
Timer settings: manual
Guarantee: 1 year warranty


Star rating:  75%

Best Price: £429 from JTX Fitness

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