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JTX5000 XL Vibration Plate Review

The JTX5000 Vibration Plate in black

The JTX5000XL is a budget vibration plate with a surprise up its sleeve. The Crazy Fit models have been around for what seems like years - they do look a little dated compared to newer machines, but they always manage to come up with something new every year.

The first thing that catches the eye with this JTX edition, apart from the price, are the long, curly handles.

On cheaper models, handles tend to be a bit of an afterthought and add little to the function of the plate. But on the 5000XL, the handles are shaped for more exercise positions and stability. Add to this, the extra height of the column and training straps that come with this new range, and suddenly you have a plate that allows for more extensive and challenging workouts.

So what about the surprise we mentioned?

It's the 13mm amplitude. This is the distance between the highest and lowest points of the plate in a vibration cycle - see our guide here for a description of all technical terms.

This is at least 3mm more than many other models costing much more, and this means it delivers quite a punch to your workouts. But don't worry. If you're a vibration training novice, you can select the low setting for a more forgiving workout - until you're ready for the next level.

The large display and console (see below) are simplicity itself to use with its one-touch buttons for selecting time, speed and hi-low amplitude. It comes with 99 speed settings and 10 programmes that will keep most users happy with its variation.

And more nice touch is the port and speakers for your iPod - and let's face it, it's much more enjoyable to exercise to music when you don't need headphones!

Note - there is a JTX5000 version costing around £80 less, but we think the wider platform, body straps and better handles make this a better choice. You can also choose between a black and silver finish.

The Display and Console

The display console from the JTX5000XL Vibration Plate

Our view:

The JTX5000 XL has a kick that should challenge all but the most elite athlete with its 13mm oscillating plate - more than many models costing more. Okay, so it's not a vertical vibration model (see explanation here), but it costs less than £300 and is a great choice if you're on a budget.

It feels quite sturdy and the extra height of the column, upper body straps, well-designed handles and wide platform allows for a good workout with plenty of positions possible. So if money is tight and you're looking to lose weight, this model will help and tone up those stubborn parts that resist most other types of training - see how vibration training can help weight loss here.

In short, this is great machine for the price!

Thumbs Up:  

Offers a lot for a good price
Wide platform
One-touch buttons
10 pre-set programmes
Well-designed handles
Upper body straps included
Quiet motor
Comes with exercise poster and DVD
One year full warranty

Thumbs Down:  

It looks dated
Some will not like oscillating action


Model Name: JTX Fitness 5000 XL
Dimensions: 130cm (h) x 72cm (w) x 80cm (d)
Platform size: 63cm (l) x 45cm (w)
Max user weight: 160kg
Programmes: 10
Product weight: 46 kg
Display: LED
Motor: 2000W
Vibration type: Oscillating
Amplitude: 0-13mm
Frequency: n/a
Guarantee: 1 year warranty on all parts


Star rating:  70%

Note, JTX no longer sell this item. The closest match is the Crazy Fit 3900, available from for £179

Or check out the JTX6000 for a far better machine for not too much more.

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