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iTone Dual Motion Plate Review

The iTone Dual Motion Vibration plate in black
The latest edition to the Orbus Leisure range is a very welcome addition. With both oscillating (see-saw) and vertical (up and down) vibration, it offers a wide range of workout options and intensity.

It also looks rather stylish and feels solid and stable.

The iTone offers a range of specification from 0-60 speed settings, a timer max of 20 mins, 3 pre set plus 6 customizable programmes, and a heart rate monitor but the most impressive feature of all was the USB portal and the supplied 'programme loaded' USB memory stick. This allows the user to create up to 6 individualised training programmes and save them onto the stick. The user then recalls and uses the programmes by inserting the memory stick back into the USB port and follow on screen instructions.

The same programmes can be downloaded and saved onto your PC and saved for tracking personal progress. That is definitely the way forward. Now usually that sort of technology tends to over-complicate things, but this was very easy to use in our view.

As for using all the other features, we have to say we did have to study the manual for quite a while and we found it a little tricky to work out initially. But once sorted, we soon got to grips with the machine.

Our view:

This is a good plate, and will deliver results. The platform is of a good size allowing for a challenging workout on the plate. The ability to design 6 personal programmes is a useful feature.

We love the idea of being able to totally personalize workout programmes and even keep it saved but we would like to suggest to somehow turn that USB stick into more of a tag so we can`t lose it :0)

We can see this plate as a replacement of some of the other approved salon models, especially with the vertical and oscillating combination workouts.

The iTone Dual Motion console

The iTone Console

Thumbs Up:  

Vertical vibration: great for a more intense workout.
The two motors are smooth and quiet.
Control buttons for time and speed on handrails.

Very practical platform design.
Nice display, very clear and lit up.
Plate has a quality feel due to weight and design.
Exercise straps allow for more positional training.
Stylish 'chic' design, appears non intrusive.
USB drive system allows personal programme design to save to your PC.
Good exercise chart.
Good amplitude 10mm (oscillating) 2mm (vertical)

Thumbs Down:  

Operational instructions are a little complicated to follow to start with.
Starting to look over-priced when compared to other models - see below.
No lower operating console.


Model name: iTone Dual Motion
Dimensions: 58 cm x 68 cm x 134 cm
Max user weight: 150kg
Programmes: 3 pre-set + 6 customised (via USB Stick)
Timer: 0-20 mines
Vibration Type: Oscillating and Vertical
Product weight: 65 kg
Display: LED featuring Time, Speed, Heart Rate
Motor: 1 x 300 W / 1 x 200 W
Vibration Frequency: Oscillating 5-30Hz / Vertical 15-40Hz / Combination 25-50Hz.
Amplitude: Oscillating 10mm / Vertical 2mm / Combination Training 4mm

iTone Dual Motion Plate:

Star rating:  60%

Best Price: £699 from Orbus Leisure

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