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The iJoy Twist What distinguishes the Twist from the iJoy Ride is the 3 axis twisting motion. As you sit on the machine it moves through forward/ backward, right to left and horizontally from side to side.

The challenge is to train your core muscles to maintain optimum posture whilst increasing the speed of the Twist Ride and possibly doing upper body exercises at the same time.

You have 4 different speed options to increase the intensity of your workout and to avoid overuse the timer stops the machine after 15 minutes.

It has been claimed by the manufacturer that it burns up to 76cal per fifteen minutes.

Our view:

The Twist Ride is a fun piece of equipment to build core strength and stability, which will ultimately lead to overall strength, tone and weight loss improvements. We do think this type of equipment should only be a part of your workout plan. You should also perform certain core exercise whilst standing.

The machine is easily accessed therefore lends itself to the less mobile person or possibly someone recovering from injury and unable to stand. The free DVD gives some good exercise instructions but could perhaps be more comprehensive.

Even though core work itself is paramount to improve back strength and support we would be cautious to recommend this machine to someone with a history of severe lower back issues. Overall speaking, you can expect results if you follow the instructions. And you will certainly get use out of this fitness machine as even the children can use the iJoy Twist Ride under supervision.

Thumbs Up:  

The 3-axis motion is ideal for challenging the core
The difference between the 4 speed settings is noticeable
The machine is accessible for smaller or less mobile users
Since there are no handlebars the user is automatically 'forced' into engaging the core
Light weight of the unit makes it easy to store away
The touch button operation is very simple
Up to 3 years guarantee on all parts and labour
Comes with a free DVD

Thumbs Down:  

The speed settings can only be increased during an interval
To decrease speed the machine has to be stopped and reset
The movement can be a little too `jerky` for back pain sufferers
The free DVD gets a little boring after a while


Model name: iJoy Twist Ride
Dimensions: H 60cm x W 38c x D 60cm
Max user weight: 125 kg/ 19 st 7lbs
Speed settings: 4
Display: LCD speed increases
Weight: 22 kg 3st 5lbs
Timer: up to 15 min
Guarantee: up to 3 years, depending on retailer

iJoy Twist Ride:

Star rating:  55%

Best Price: £489 from

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