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iJoy Ride Review

The iJoy Ride The iJoy Ride will certainly provide you with a fun core workout for the whole family. The machine emulates the movements of riding a horse in a three-way motion.

When we tried the machine we have to say we felt a little silly at first but to our surprise the machine actually really did work the core muscles and buttocks. You can choose from 4 different speeds to increase the intensity of your workout and at level 4 we certainly were challenged to stay on the 'horse' with good posture. (And we're supposed to be relatively fit)

iJoy Ride exercise The great thing about this machine, is that it can definitely be used by anybody, young, old, fit or unfit, unless of course you exceed the maximum user weight of 120 kg/ 264 lbs or you are not supposed to exercise for medical reasons.

We think the machine could also help to maintain your riding strength if you are just recovering from an injury and cant physically get on a horse for the time being.

Or if you are a person that wants to build the confidence of being able to stay on a horse by training your most important core muscles in 'riding motion' before actually mounting the real thing.

Not sure actually why it does not come with a detachable rein? Now there is a good idea.

Our view:

This machine certainly helps to build good core strength, which is a neccessity for any rider. In the beginner stage you might choose to hold onto the front two handle bars but as your core strength improves you can try and sit without holding on which is a harder workout for your inner core.

If in the past you have suffered with back pain or you believe you don't have much core strength we would certainly advise you to use the lowest speed for the first few workouts to build basic back support. We think the whole family could have fun with this model.

It's a low maintenance horse, which does not need feeding and mucking out.

Thumbs Up:  

Good core workout, especially for horse riders
4 speed variations
Comfortable seat
Easy to mount and dismount
User can be any age
Motor is quiet
Machine is small and light
Relatively good user max weight
A fun workout for the whole family
Comes with free exercise DVD

Thumbs Down:  

The speed settings can only be increased during your workout
To decrease speed the machine has to be stopped and restarted
This type if core workout is not ideal for low back pain sufferers
Exercise range might be a little limited
The free DVD could be made more interesting


Model name: iJoy Ride
Dimensions: L 36 cm x W 25cm x H 75 cm
Max user weight: 120 kg / 264 lbs
Display: LCD
Weight: 22.5 kg
Guarantee: up to 3 years depending on retailer

iJoy Ride:

Star rating:  50%

Best Price: £349 from

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