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iJoy Human Touch Board Review

The iJoy Human Touch Board We had so much fun testing the iJoy Human Touch Board. As a corrective exercise specialists we're great believers in core and stability work to improve your overall physique. This machine creates instability, your body needs to adjust and cope with the changes - and this is what works your muscles, as well as your balance and coordination. It's similar to iJoy Twist as it moves around all 3 different axis, but the benefit with this machine is that you are standing, which in our view is still the best way to work your core muscles.

You additionally have the option of 3 different speed settings to 'step up' your workout. We found the intensity between level 1 and level 2 was significantly greater, than between level 2 and 3. Another interesting feature was the random programme whereby the machine moves randomly up and down through the different speed settings.

There is also not much stopping you from adding some free weights to your workout to either work your upper body at the same or to increase the workload on your lower body. The only thing that could get in the way, is the hand held remote control that you need to control the machine. But you could always stick it into the elastic of your workout pants!

We would advise you when standing on the Board to always face the control panel, and not turn your back onto it, especially when using the Random Programme, as you can then see and prepare for the level of intensity that the machine is changing to.

Our view:

A truly great piece of stability equipment for the general exerciser. But even better if you are preparing to go skiing, snowboarding, skate boarding or surfing and you don't want to spend most of your time sliding down the mountain on your butt, leaving your skin on the concrete ramp or more swimming in the water than looking cool on your surf board. In skiing, snowboarding, skate boarding or surfing you will consistently need core strength whilst moving around all 3 axis (forward/ backwards, right to left, horizontally up/ down) at ever changing speeds. The iJoy Human Touch Board is an ideal preparation for any of these sports.

Training on a Touch Board you will definitely help with your core strength and stability. This in turn leads to other benefits like avoiding injury or simply getting into better shape, tone or weight loss.

Thumbs Up:  

A great tool for improving core strength and stability
Fantastic preparation for snowboarding, skateboarding or surfing
3 different speed settings
1 challenging random programme
You can easily add some hand held free weights to your workout
Single leg stability work possible
Infrared remote control for convenience
Machine is small and does not take up much space
Motor runs very quietly
3-year guarantee on parts and labour

Thumbs Down:  

When using hand held free weights the remote control can be a hindrance
There is not such a great noticeable intensity progression between level 2 and level 3


Model name: iJoy Human Touch Board
Dimension: in comparison a slightly oversized skate board
Max user weight: 120 kg/ 18 st 9 lbs
Programmes: 3 variable speed settings + 1 random programme
Weight: 22kg
Guarantee: up to 3 years parts and labour, depending on retailer

iJoy Human Touch Board:

Star rating:  65%

Best Price: £399 from

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