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Horizon Treo V209 Review

The Horizon Treo V209 Vibration Plate The Horizon Treo V209 is very much an upgrade to the V109. What came very much as a surprise to us is this machine has an oscillating vibration plate - please refer to our Buyers Guide - meaning that the reflexive muscular contraction response will be much greater, therefore making your workout twice as effective. A real bonus considering the price of this machine.

Having said that it is still a rather light, slightly wobbly machine with a not so useful rounded work plate. There are 3 pre-programmed workouts for you to follow but you also have the option of manually setting your personal vibration frequency and intensity.

The timer runs for up to 10 minutes, however we do strongly suggest that you take rest intervals after every minute's workout. And for some reason the manufacturer reduced the Hz options to between 10Hz and 35 Hz; this is a little on the low side for our liking. For more information on the benefits of using a power plate, please click here.

We did like the handle bar design as it runs from the top all along both sides of the column, which allowed us to keep our hands and arms at shoulder level rather than overhead when performing squats or lunges on the platform. A really good features for users with tight middle backs or shoulders.

Our view:

An entry level machine which features a very useful oscillating plate making your workout much more effective. But often where there is 'give' there is also a 'take', and with this model the manufacturer took away some of the higher vibration frequencies.

We do think it's a nice looking vibration plate specifically designed for domestic use, but it has its limitations. The machine weight is only 37 kg and with that has a very convenient 'tilt and wheel' facility. This makes it possible for almost anybody to move the machine in and out of the workout space. So you could quite easily `wheel` the vibration plate in front of an open window and do a nice little workout whilst breathing lovely fresh air. What a good idea we just had, lol.

A little word in your ear, be aware of the limited '1 year parts only' warranty.

Thumbs Up:  

Type of vibration: oscillating.
4 programmes.
Manual intensity range of 16 increments.
2 separate control consoles.
Display is easy to operates.
Manual operation allows personal programming.
Convenient 'tilt and wheel' possibility.
Aesthetically designed.
Very useful handle bar design.
Low price.

Thumbs Down:  

Machine feels a little wobbly.
Vibration frequency is very low and limited (10Hz to 35 Hz).
Round work plate is relatively small in dimension.
Max user weight allowance is relatively low (100kg, 15.5 stone).
Only a 1-year parts warranty guaranteed.
No added resistance straps or workout manuals supplied.


Model name: Horizon Treo V209
Dimensions: Base 79cm x 70cm
Max user weight: 100kg/ 15.5 kg
Programmes: 4 (upper body, lower body, abdominals, manual)
Product Weight: 43 kg / 6.7 stone
Display: 2 consoles
1 AC motor
Vibration Frequency: 10Hz to 35 Hz
Timer: up to 10 min
Vibration type: oscillating
Warranty: 1-year parts

Horizon Treo V209:

Star rating:  45%

LATEST: The V209 is becoming harder to buy online - we recommend the JTX6000, please see below.

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