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Horizon Merit V2000 Review

The Horizon Merit V2000 Vibration plate We're quite a fan of the Horizon Merit V2000 vibration plate, it seems to have most things you will need as the home exerciser if you want to tone up, loose some weight, massage your body, rebuild muscular strength after injury or surgery or simply relax.

The plate is of a useful size, the vibration frequency has a good range from 20 HZ to 55HZ, 3 timer settings, 5 pre programmed exercise plans, a high and low intensity option and two operating consoles.

Additionally you will get a free sound proofing mat, a contoured exercise mat, two upper body straps and some exercise instruction cards.

The good design of the handle bar allows for various support or balance options. The best feature that we had not come across before, is that the second console half way down the column of the unit does allow you to stop and start the machine but also to programme it.

With most vibration plates in the past, the second console would only feature a stop/ start button and a countdown timer. You can additionally design your own exercise programme and set the V 2000 manually. In general we really enjoyed the running of the machine, the simplicity in settings and the stylish design. Great value.

Our view:

The V2000 offers some great value for money. All the different vibration frequencies and intensity options plus 5 easy to follow exercise programmes make this a very competitive model on the market.

On the downside, unlike other models on the market, the pre-programmed exercise positions do not get displayed on the display screen; instead you have to refer to the instruction cards supplied. (That could end up in an untidy pile of instruction cards, better get yourself a little folder for that) The target user for the Merit V 2000 is in our view the home exerciser wanting to add another dimension to his/ her exercise regime with guaranteed results, if used correctly.

However, it's not really a plate for the more serious athlete. You could look at the next model up in the range - the Merit V3000, but might be better off with the JTX Pro 10 (see below).

Thumbs Up:  

Good sized platform.
`Tilt and Wheel` for convenient move-ability.
5 programmes pre programmed, backed up by exercise instruction cards.
Both console allows stop/ start and programming, an unusually great feature.
Great range of free accessories including sound proofing mat, exercise mat, upper body straps and exercise instruction cards.
Good range of vibration frequencies.
Individualized programming possible.
High / Low intensity option.
2-year warranty on parts and labour.

Thumbs Down:  

The max user weight allowance is low
The lower console face is rather small and more difficult to read
Ideally this machine would allow for free timer settings in 1 sec increments.
Pre programmed exercise positions do not get displayed on the display screen.


Model name: Merit V 2000
Dimension: 80 cm x 84 cm (platform dimension) 152 cm (height)
Max user weight: 120 kg (18 .8 st.)
Programmes: 5
Product weight: 55kg (8.6 st.)
Display: LCD
1 x 350 AC Motor
Vibration Frequency: 20 Hz to 55Hz (in 5 Hz increments)
Vibration Type: vertical
Guarantee: 2 years warranty on parts and labour

Horizon Merit V2000:

Star rating:  55%

LATEST: You'll struggle to find the V2000 nowadays - we think the JTX Pro10 listed below is a much better machine.

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