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Horizon Merit V1000 Review

The Horizon Merit V1000 Vibration plate The Horizon Merit V1000 is the first of three Merit vibration plates, and the first thing that comes to mind is ...stylish!

Overall there are some great features like the 5 different programmes that are pre programmed into the 'onboard computer', but then there are some little things missing like the 'high/low intensity' options.

The Hz range is very good, ranging from 20 Hz to 55 Hz, which you can in/decrease in 5 HZ increments. The timer settings are 30 sec, 40 sec and 50 sec and these settings can't be in/ or decreased in 1 sec intervals.

The motor runs quite smooth and the manufacturer even lets you have a mat to place underneath the machine in order to make it more sound proof. You can easily 'tilt and wheel' the unit in and out of storage should a lack of space be a consideration for you.

However, it could perhaps be a little bit 'fiddly' to get the machine on and off the soundproof mat every time you have to move it.

Will the machine give you a workout? Yes it will, we did feel our leg muscles tightening up after a couple of squat intervals at 45 HZ over 40 sec. We did notice though that the platform is rather small and there is only one operating console, which at times makes it somewhat difficult to follow the pre-programmed exercises. Included in the price is also a contoured exercise mat for placing onto the platform and two upper body straps.

If you're unsure of what we mean when we talk about frequency and Hz settings, please see our buyer's guide for the technical explanations.

Our view:

A little bit of a give and take with this machine. In other words, it has some great features that we did not expect for the relatively low price but then there are in our view a couple of essentials missing. You will definitely get the benefits of vibration training from the V1000 however if you can find an extra couple of hundred pounds then the sister V 2000 has everything you would need.

The V 1000 is a nice looking machine, the handle bar is very conveniently shaped, it features 5 very useful pre programmed exercise plans and comes with numerous accessories including a sound proofing mat, an exercise mat, upper body straps and exercise instruction cards.

And we must not forget to mention that the manufacturer gives you 2-year parts and labour warranty that speaks for confidence in their products.

Thumbs Up:  

Good range of frequency (Hz) options.
5 pre programmed exercise plans, easy to follow.
Manual settings possible, including 3 timer settings.
Console face easy to read, you wont need your reading glasses.
Handle bar very conveniently shaped.
Pleasant design.
Various accessories supplied including sound proofing mat.
Machine has a `tilt and wheel` feature for convenient move-ability.

Thumbs Down:  

No variation to vibration intensity possible, no high/ low setting.
the platform is rather small.
No second console on lower part of column making certain exercise preparation difficult, as the machine has to be started with body in almost upright position.
Motor not all that powerful, which could be a 'Thumbs Up' for the novice.


Model name: Merit V 1000
Dimension: 63 cm x 75 cm
Max user weight: 120 kg (18. 8 st)
Programmes: 5
Product weight: 52 kg (8.1 st)
Display: LCD
1 x 400 DC motor
Vibration Frequency: 20 Hz to 55Hz (in 5HZ increments)
Vibration Type: vertical
Guarantee: 2 years parts and labour warranty

Horizon Merit V1000:

Star rating:  50%

LATEST: It's difficult to find this model online now - we recommend you look at the plates from JTX listed below.

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