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DKN Xg5 Vibration Plate Review

The DKN Xg5 Vibration Trainer What we noticed immediately we 'test drove' the DKN Xg5, was the smooth start up. The shape and size of the base of the DKN XG 5 is oblong and in comparison to some other models on the market this platform gives sufficient area for standing and seated exercises.

What we saw as a real benefit, and we're not sure why this is not a standard feature on all Vibration Trainers, is that the vibration frequency of this model from 20 HZ to 50 Hz can be manually set in 5 HZ increments. Also the time for a maximum interval of up to 10 min can be set manually and is not preset. This allows for great control of the intensity of your workout. Especially for those people who might initially be a little sensitive towards the vibration going through their whole body. (Refer to Personalized exercise programming)

As personal trainers we would also use this feature with our clients to measure their progress as they gain more strength or flexibility with more intense settings. In other words it's a feature that can be used to measure and therefore motivate you.

The XG 5 is preloaded with 4 different training programmes for Upper Body, Lower Body, Abdominals and Total Body. The programmes vary in length and the suggested exercises interchange with different rest intervals. Quite a nice feature for the home exerciser. You can also see how to go about the exercises as they are graphically displayed in the main LCD display. It has been suggested that the machines comes with a 'built-in' personal trainer. Ooo k!

But of course, there is a give and take in this as well, as this machine sadly does not offer the 'High ' & 'Low' option to increase or decrease intensity additionally. We think the manufacturer missed a trick there but we guess there is only so much you can achieve with a single motor.

Half way down the column you find another start/ stop control button and a digital timer. This allows you to operate the machine whilst doing seated abdominal exercises or stretches. However you will not be able to view the preset exercises that are displayed on the main screen.

Our view:

There are some features on the machine that we would like to see duplicated by other manufacturers i.e. the options of being able to manually choose vibration frequency and time. We also like the preset programmes especially if the user is a novice. The exerted power from the single motor gives the running machine a bit of a soft feel to it. We would perhaps recommend this machine to the beginner / intermediate exerciser. - see our WBV exercise taster for some ideas.

Thumbs Up:  

Manual settings for Vibration frequency and time allow for control and personalization of exercise programme.
Pre loaded exercise programme are interesting and easy to follow.
Continuous timer setting up to 10 min possible.
Weight of machine (72 kg) makes it easier to move it around the house.
Touch button remote control lower down the column.
Handle bar allows various grips and support.
Machine comes with two detachable upper body straps.
Free exercise poster and interactive DVD.
Maximum weight allowance 150 kg.
2-year guarantee.

Thumbs Down:  

Pre programmed exercises don't offer different levels for more advanced exercisers.
Manual vibration frequency only allows for 5 HZ increments not single Hz.
No High & Low setting options available.
The platform suspension is very soft.
No additional mats for reducing vibration available.


Model name: DKN XG 5.0 Vibration Platform
Dimensions: L 85 cm W 42 cm H 140 cm
Max user weight: 150 kg
Programmes: 5
Weight: 72 kg
Display: LCD backlight
DC Motor
Vibration frequency: 20 HZ to 50 Hz
Timer: up to 10 min
Guarantee: 2 years

DKN Xg5:

Star rating:  65%

Best Price: £899 from

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