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DKN Xg10 Vibration Plate Review

The DKN Xg10 Vibration Trainer The DKN Xg10 is the bigger sister to the Xg5 and could almost be twins with the exception of this machine having two separate AC motors, which should guarantee longer life and durability of the machine.

The vibration frequency can be manually set in 5 Hz increments, starting from 20 Hz right up to 50Hz, which is sufficient for most people. You can also choose the length of time of the workout with 10 min being the maximum. The DKN is preloaded with 5 different training modules for Upper Body, Lower Body, Abdominals, Total Body and Stretching.

From our experience we know that these pre-programmed modules will be very useful to the home exerciser as they offer loads of different exercise ideas with appropriate rest intervals. But what is even better is that all the different exercises will be graphically displayed on your screen for you to copy. One little design error is that you can't view these graphics when you are using the Start/ Stop Control button whilst performing different strength or stretch exercises whilst seated on the platform.

Our view:

Overall a great vibration trainer offering useful features for the novice from graphically displayed exercise programmes to allowing manual control of vibration intensity and length of time of exercise intervals. The free exercise poster, training guide and interactive DVD are also a useful added touch by the manufacturer.

Thumbs Up:  

Vibration start up feels very smooth.
Touch sensor control panel.
5 pre loaded exercise programmes with graphical display.
Vibration intensity can be manually set in 5 Hz increments.
Weight of machine makes it easier to move it from one space to another.
Height of column and handle bar are averaged very well.
Continuous timer setting allows to perform various exercises in sequence without interruption.
Free multi media exercise kit (exercise poster, training guide, interactive DVD).
Comes with two detachable upper body straps.
2 AC motors allow for semi commercial usage.
Machine runs quietly, great feature if used in an apartment or any upper floor.
Design looks sleek.
2-year guarantee.

Thumbs Down:  

The platform suspension is very soft.
Pre programmed exercises don't offer different levels for more advanced exercisers.
Manual vibration frequencies only allows for 5Hz increments not single Hz.
No High & Low vibration intensity settings available.
No additional mats for reducing vibration available.


Model name: DKN XG 10 Vibration Platform
Dimensions: L 85cm (33.5in) x W 42cm (16.5 in) x H 140cm (55 in)
Max user weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs
Programmes: 5
Weight: 72 kg/ 160 lbs
Display: Touch sensor
2 AC Motors
Vibration Frequency: 20 Hz to 50 Hz (can be set in 5 HZ increments)
Timer: up to 10 min with 30 sec rest intervals
Guarantee: usually 2 years

DKN Xg10:

Star rating:  68%

Best Price: £1,299 from

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