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DKN Pro Extreme Review

The DKN Pro Extreme Vibration Trainer This is the younger sister to the DKN Pro Evolve. You will find many similarities between the two models whereby the DKN Pro Extreme has a more stylish look to it. The console, handle bar and column have been redesigned making it a lot more attractive.

This model has many advantageous features like four different easy to follow pre programmed exercise modules that will also appear graphically on the console. This is a great training tool for the novice to vibration training. But the machine also allows for individualising your training programme. You can set the vibration frequency manually in 5 HZ increments. With that you can gradually increase your workload but it also can be a way to measure your personal progress.

The timer on the DKN Pro Extreme can be set between 1 and 10 minutes, with pre-programmed 30 second recovery intervals ensuring safe use of this feature, as one intervals should never be longer than 1 minute under normal circumstances. Unfortunately there is no option to increase the workout intensity from high to low. There is also no additional stop/ start button further down towards the platform, which would be more convenient when performing seated exercises for example.

The 900 W motor starts up very smooth and does not appear very noisy at all, which can be incredibly important if you intend to use the machine in an apartment or office building.

Overall the DKN Pro Extreme could be described to have a few free upgrades compared to her sister model, more machine for your money.

Our view:

The DKN Pro Extreme is a good model for the home exerciser. We could also see this make in use in a smaller health spa or physiotherapy clinic. It does however not lend itself to commercial use - please read our Buyers' Guide

The machine offers many interesting and useful feature. If your intention is to tone up, increase strength or loose weight than this model would certainly be an option.

The movements of the pre programmed exercise modules get graphically displayed on the console, making it easy to follow and implement. The choice of the different exercises offers great variety too.

Thumbs Up:  

Easy to follow pre programmed exercise modules.
16 exercises per module offer loads of variety. So you cant get bored.
Visual display of exercises, great tool.
Timer settings can be manually controlled, up to 10 min possible.
Vibration Frequencies can be set as desired. (20 Hz to 50 Hz).
Operating instructions easy to follow, very useful if IT is not your thing.
Size of machine is less intrusive.
Design of unit is more contemporary.
Weight of machine allows greater 'move-ability'.
Max user weight has been increased to 150 kg/ 325lbs.
Unit runs quietly smooth.
Model comes with free upper body straps, exercise poster and DVD.

Thumbs Down:  

No High/ Low intensity option.
Single motor only, hence greater workload, could break down easier.
Machine feels a little wobbly.
Vibration frequency limited to 50 Hz.
No Start/ Stop button lower down the column.
No additional mats available for reducing vibration.
Upper body straps can only be attached to both sides of the machine.


Model name: DKN Pro Extreme Vibration Trainer
Dimension: 80cm (32 in) x 90cm(36 in) x 153cm (61 in)
Max user weight: 150 kg/ 325 lbs / 23 st
Programmes: 4
Weight of machine: 75 kg/ 165lbs
Display: LED
Vibration Frequency: 20Hz- 50Hz
Timer: 1min - 10 min (with 30 sec recovery period)
Guarantee: 2 years

DKN Pro Extreme:

Star rating:  57%

LATEST: The Pro Extreme is now out of stock in most places - we recommend the JTX models or DKN xG5 below

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