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DKN Pro Evolve Review

The DKN Pro Evolve Vibration Trainer The Pro Evolve machine has been around for a while, therefore is well tried and tested. It does everything is says 'on the tin'. It has an averaged-sized platform; a smooth running motor, very user-friendly functionality and it is in the medium/ lower price range.

As with most DKN vibration plates it has 4 different pre set programmes for working Upper body, Lower Body, Abdominal muscles or a Total Body workout. Each programme feature 16 different positions or exercises that will also be graphically displayed on the console which is a very interesting and useful feature especially for the not so highly experienced user.

The vibration frequency spans from 20Hz to 50 Hz and can be set in 5HZ increments. You can also manually control the length of time of your different workouts starting from 1min right up to 10 min with 30 sec rest intervals. The two main elements missing, hence the price, are really that you can not alter the vibration intensity from high to low and there is also no start/ stop button on the lower part of the column, making it slightly more awkward to prepare in position for seated exercises for example.

Our view:

There is very little reason for us not to recommend the DKN Pro Evolve to the general exerciser. Since we witness on a daily basis how different users can initially struggle with the right execution of any exercise on the Vibration Trainer. We're great fans of the pre-set programmes that will also be displayed on the main screen.

We do think this machine lends itself well to the home user who is looking to tone up, loose weight and add variety to his/her training programme. However the missing high/ low setting, the max Hz frequency being 50 Hz and the general feel of the machine lead me to suggest that this model is not ideal for the semi-professional sportsperson.

Thumbs Up:  

Pre-programmed exercises are very useful for the less experienced exerciser.
Exercise programme are displayed on screen making it easy to follow.
Manual Vibration Frequency option allow for personal programming and measuring performance improvements.
Console face/ function keys are very easy to read and operate.
Machine runs smooth, can be used in elevated buildings with little noise disturbance.
Product weight is comparatively low, making it easier to move machine around.
Continuous timer setting up to 10 min possible.
Unit comes with free upper body straps, exercise poster and DVD.
2-year guarantee.

Thumbs Down:  

No High/ Low intensity options available.
No additional Start/ Stop button lower down the support column.
Machine feels a little light in general.
Platform suspension feels soft.
Platform size is too small for wide squats.
No additional mats available for reducing vibration.


Model name: DKN Pro Evolve
Dimension: 80cm (32 in) x 90cm (36in) x 152.5cm (61in)
Max user weight: 141kg/ 310lbs/ 22st
Programmes: 4
Weight of machine: 73kg/ 160lbs/11.5st
Display: LCD
Vibration Frequency: 20Hz - 50 Hz, in 5 Hz increments
Timer: 1min - 10 min with 30sec rest intervals
Guarantee: 2 years

DKN Pro Evolve:

Star rating:  55%

LATEST: This model is difficult to find now - take a look at the JTX Pro10 (see below).

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