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Body Sculpture Magic Rider Trainer Review

The Body Sculpture Magic Rider Trainer When we first assembled the Magic Rider BCR 3100D, we searched for the electrical cord but to our surprise this machine is user driven. The two pedals attached to the front get pushed down by the exerciser to set the machine into motion.

That was a 'Thumbs Up' for us as. we're always in favour of encouraging people to have to put energy into creating movement. Whether they use a rowing machine or a riding machine 'Expending Energy = Burning Calories'.

Never a bad thing!

And if you want to get a little creative you could even add some upper body work by adding some dumbbell exercises to the 'ride'.

Our view:

The effort that is required to get the Magic Rider moving is similar to cycling, the difference being that both feet push down simultaneously and this sets the machine into riding motion. Absolutely ideal for anybody wanting to improve their riding skills as it will train core stability and posture. However it is equally as useful for anyone wanting to work on leg and core strength whilst increasing cardio vascular and fat burning capacity.

It would also be safe to say that the Magic Rider will almost certainly encourage your kids to have a go at exercising. And with the electronic repetition, time and calorie counter you could have a fun competition going on i.e. 'Who is the quickest rider'?

If we had to pick on something we would say that the `Rider` is perhaps not ideal for taller people with longer legs, as you can not adjust the seat height. And if we had been involved in the engineering of this piece of exercise equipment we would have tried to make sure that you can also increase the resistance to the leg action. However, you can increase the speed of your workout and that really does get you going.

Thumbs Up:  

Improves core strength and posture
Great cardio vascular workout
Very easy assembly
Two handle bars to the front and back of machine for safety
Useful computer counting time, calories and repetitions
Attached wheels allow for easy 'moveability'
Can be safely used by the entire family
Two fixed pedals to the rear allow repositioning for single leg exercising
Pretty sturdy machine overall

Thumbs Down:  

Seat height is not adjustable
Pedalling resistance cannot be in/decreased
Not ideal for the taller person
The `Total -count` on exercise computer does not reset to zero (0) until count reaches 9999
Supplied exercise guide is poor

Magic Rider BCR-3100D:

Star rating:  55%

Best Price: £155 from

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