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Body Sculpture BM1505 Vibration Plate Review

Body Sculpture BM1505 Power Slimmer in silver The Body Sculpture brand has been around for years. In addition to vibration plates, they also sell exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and spinning bikes - all at the budget end of the market. They have a pretty good reputation for value for money and reasonably quality machines you can expect when buying cheap.

So how does the BM1505 Power Slimmer rate?

Ummmm... well don't hold your breath and get your hopes up. But to be fair, it is one of the lowest price models around and does have a few features that might just save it from being a complete waste of space.

First up, it's very compact and light, weighing in at only 13 kilos. This might make it easy to move around your home but it doesn't make for a solid ride when you stand on it.

This means it only has a low maximum user weight of 100 kg (15st 7lbs), and we're surprised it can handle that much! And note, you will invalidate the warranty if anyone exceeding this limit uses the machine.

It does have a remote control to select one of the three pre-set programmes or one of the four intensity levels. However, you can only operate it with the remote as it doesn't have a fixed control panel. For a budget machine, the choice of intensity level is quite a good feature, and it is helpful if you're new to whole body vibration training to start at a low level. The same can be said for the inclusion of three pre-set programmes to help you get started.

However, what could be a deal-breaker for most is the size of the platform - it's not much larger than a dinner plate. The round plate will limit the exercise positions you can use, especially if you're a size 7 in a shoe. Most plates are rectangular and therefore lend themselves to many positions. The small plate means the small motor can 'shake' it a little faster, but it cannot deliver much of a workout when compared to other budget models - see our list below.

Our view:

If money is tight and you're a slightly built person weighing in at less than 10 stone, this might be for you. It could give you a light workout and shake up those muscles to tone you up. But due to the small plate and limited power, it is probably false economy if you're looking (or need) a more vigorous workout for weight loss and toning.

Thumbs Up:  

It's low cost.
3 pre-set programmes.
4 speed levels (although will be limiting for most users).
Has a remote control.
Quite easy to assemble.
Compact and easy to move.

Thumbs Down:  

Low-powered motor delivers limited results.
It has no display screen
Has no fixed control panel.
Noisy motor - it seems to struggle after around 10 minutes use.
Very small platform.
Very light, and therefore not very stable.
Limited number of exercise positions possible.
Low maximum user weight of only 100kg.


Model name: Body Sculpture BM1505
Dimensions: L 62 cm W 53 cm H 108 cm
Platform: Diameter approx 30cm
Max user weight: 100 kg / 15.5 stone
Programmes: 3
Product weight: 13 kg
Display: not applicable (doesn't have one)
Motor: not known
Vibration Type: Oscillating (click here for description)
Amplitude: n/a (see our buyer's guide for technical glossary.


Star rating:  35%

Best Price: £103 from

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