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Benefits Of Using A Vibration Plate

The benefits of using a vibration platform seem almost too good to be true. Can ten minutes on one of these machines really do what the manufacturers claim?

They'll tell you that you can:-

Exercising on a power plate.
  • Tone your body without vigorous exercise
  • Work your core muscles
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Increase your strength
  • Improve your posture
  • Help to maintain bone density
  • Promote recovery following an injury

Sounds pretty good doesn't it! But is it possible for these odd-looking machines to do all that?

We have some examples of the sort of exercises you can do with your vibration plate here. If you play golf, you might also be interested in this article.

How does vibration training work?

By exercising on a vibrating, and therefore, unstable surface your muscles are forced to respond in order to regain stability. Your body does this by performing reflexive muscle contractions many times per second.

These contractions must work in multiple directions, because the platform not only moves up and down, but also vibrates from side to side. As you increase the vibration frequency (Hz) or the intensity from high to low your muscles will always be facing a renewed challenged. See vibration technical information for more on this subject.

Also note, there are two methods currently available to deliver vibration - oscillation and vertical vibration. Research has yet to conclude which is best, so the argument rages on. For more information, please click here.

A significant amount of research is stacking up in favour of vibration training, and as more is known about how the body responds to the stimulus of standing on of these platforms, we're sure more benefits will be identified. For more please see our page on vibration research.

Your body is extremely smart, and will always respond to any change or challenge. In fact as health and fitness professionals, it's one of the principles we apply, and... we're letting you into a little bit of a trade secret, that the solution to any form of successful physical training is to keep your body guessing by regularly changing the training variables i.e. speed, resistance, tempo or repetitions.

In sport, the new catch phrase is 'instability training'. The idea is that, the more you keep the body guessing, the more it has to adapt. For example, injured rugby players run around a large sandpit to strengthen weakened muscles, and challenge their balance and coordination reflexes. This would have been unheard of a few years, in fact, it would have been frowned upon! But as sports science learns more about how our bodies function, the more technology can be used to improve it.

So whether you're aiming to loose weight and look good in your jeans, or you are training to compete in an Iron Man event you will experience significant improvements in strength, tone, shape and power through this form of instability training or vibration training as it is called. And to make it even more exciting you can achieve in 10 minutes what would usually take one hour.

Exercising on a power plate. Also see:

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How WBV Started

Vibration Training was originally a concept developed for space travel. Since there is no gravity in space scientists had to developed a way in which astronauts muscular and skeletal systems could be challenged or workout in order to ensure no loss of muscular strength, power, flexibility and with that circulation and stability.

The concept of Vibration Training

Most forms of exercises that are commonly known to us are usually weight bearing exercises, meaning, they condition our body by us either using our own body weight or adding additional weight i.e. dumbbells to load onto our muscles and joints. In other words we always work against the force of gravity. However in space there is no gravity. So the question was how can you create a stimulus for muscle fibres to contract. And that is how VT came into play.

So can it work for you?

How do you choose a vibration plate that's right for your needs and budget?

Please see our Buyers' Guide on the left menu above, plus you can read reviews here.

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