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HyperVibe G10 Mini Review

The HyperVibe G10 Mini

If you think column-less plates are for those with limited pockets or living space, this innovative offering from HyperVibe might just change your mind.

And when we say 'innovation' we're not just talking about the slim-line, portable plate. HyperVibe have come up with a great feature to take vibration training to a wider audience.

But before you rush out to get yours, note this model is primarily aimed at the middle-aged and above, overweight or those recovering from injury or ill-health. It's low-end frequency range is perfect for delivering the health benefits of vibration training without over-exerting your muscles.

If you're already fit and looking for a challenging workout this model probably isn't for you.

So what if this is the sort of machine you're looking for? What makes this a better buy than others on the market? Well in our view there are a number of features that could get your attention.

The majority of emails we receive from people who already own a plate want to know how to use it to get the best results. It's surprising that many vibration plates are supplied with limited advice when it comes to the training part.

Well worry no more. HyperVibe's App will not only show you what to do, it also controls your machine's settings and timer so you don't have to fiddle with the controls during your workout. All you need to do is select your programme, press the button and follow the instructions on your TV will your machine does the rest- brilliant!

If you don't have Bluetooth or modern technology has generally passed you by, you can use the one-touch controls to select the frequency and timer settings.

The HyperVibe G10 App

The HyperVibe G10 Mini App and TV screen

Our view:

HyberVibe's G10 Mini offers a very convenient and easy way to experience the benefits of vibration training in your own home - and you don't have to sacrifice space for a large machine. This slim beauty can easily be stored behind your sofa or even under your bed. The Bluetooth connectivity brings a new dimension to whole body vibration training that many will welcome. This compact machine generates almost 10g's of force - enough to get your muscles working and stimulate your circulation.

If you're interested in improving your health but find exercise is difficult either due to injury, existing health conditions or you don't have the time, this model is well worth a look in our view.

Note: Visitors to this site get a 5% discount off the price - see 'Best Price' below.

Thumbs Up:  

Loved the app connectivity - so easy to use.
Informative user guide with 40 programmes and 100 exercises included.
Ideal for those with health issues/ middle-aged to older user.
Compact and portable plate that easy to store.
Upper body straps and resistance bands included.
Good size plate.
Online support included in the package.
Generous 2-year warranty (on site).
The HyperVibe G10 Mini compact plate exercise position
Thumbs Down:  

Relatively low frequency range.
Not too sure about that green :0)


Model Name: HyberVibe G10 Mini
Dimensions: 65.3cm (width) x 39.4cm (depth) x 15.2cm (height)
Platform size: 65.3cm x 39.4cm
Max user weight: 140 kg (310 lbs)
Programmes: 40
Product weight: 25 kg (54 lbs)
Display: LED
Vibration type: Pivotal (Oscillating)
Vibration frequency: 5 - 20 Hz
Amplitude: 12mm (peak to peak)
Guarantee: 2 year warranty (on site)

G10 Mini:

Star rating:  85%

Best Price: £699* from HyperVibe

* Get 5% discount (total price £664.05)
Enter promo code VTR10 when ordering from HyperVibe UK.

US Visitors - Note, the G10 is available for $999 from Amazon

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