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Confidence Plus Vibration Plate Review

We've had so many emails asking us about the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus, we felt obliged to get our hands on one and take a look. At the time of writing this review (September 2013) it was the top seller on Amazon. After trying it, we can only think it's because of the price.

Having said that, it's not a bad machine. Let's face it, for around £150 you're not going to get a gym quality model. But this doesn't mean you want to spend your money on something that's going to end up standing in the corner of your room acting as a clothes hanger!

As the old saying goes, 'you get what you pay for' - so what do you get?

You will get a machine that can help you to tone up and lose some weight. A number of users we spoke to were quite happy with the results.

But the question is, now long will it last, and is it reliable?

It comes with a 12 month warranty and we've heard of a few models that needed parts replacing in this time. It's not the sturdiest of machines we've tried, and weighing in at only 28 kgs it may feel unstable for people at the top end of the recommended user weight of 150 kgs.

It was fairly easy to put together - but no thanks to the instructions which are pretty poor (although we've been told they are about to be improved).

It's quite a noisy machine compared even to other budget models, and we noticed a rattle after about three weeks of use. This can be rectified by tightening the screws after about twenty uses - it only takes five minutes, but it's something you shouldn't really have to do.

The plate size is reasonable allowing for a wide stance for the squat exercises. It's an oscillating plate - see here for an explanation of what this means. Some may not like the 'wobble' of this sort of plate, but you'll have to pay almost three times as much to get the superior vertical vibration plate.

We did like the large, shaped handles and the supplied upper body straps as they open up the full range of exercise positions. The handles also have BMI (Body Mass Index) sensors, although we couldn't verify the accuracy of the measurements. But if it's consistent it will help you monitor the results of your sessions.

The operating instructions are not very clear, but it's an easy machine to use with its one-touch buttons and clear display. The are no pre-set programmes but you can select from 50 different settings for the speed of the plate - very useful if you're new to this type of training.

Our view:

The Confidence Plus is an affordable introduction to the world of Whole Body Vibration training (WBV). It's an easy machine to use and a number of users we spoke to, felt it had helped them to tone-up and lose weight - see here for how this technology can aid weight loss.

At this price it's never going to compete with the machines you'll use in the gym - they'll set you back over £2,500! But if you can afford another £100 you'll can get the far better JTX5000 XL.

Thumbs Up:  

The low price
Easy to use
Good shaped handles
BMI sensors (body mass index)

Thumbs Down:  

The screws need tightening every few weeks
Noisier than many models we've tried.
The plate is not as big as other similar priced models
It feels light and unstable for heavier users (max 150kg)
We know of a number of cases of cracked columns

Technical stuff:

Model Name: Confidence Plus
Dimensions: 122cm (h) x 70cm (w) x 74cm (d)
Platform size: 54cm (l) x 38cm (w)
Max user weight: 150kg
Programmes: 0 (but 50 speeds to select)
Product weight: 28 kg
Display: LCD
Motor: 600W
Vibration type: Oscillating
Amplitude: 10mm
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz (simulated)
Guarantee: 1 year warranty on all parts

Confidence Plus:

Star rating:  40%

Best Price: £149 from

Or $250 from

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