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Attrac Eclipse 5 (by Powrx) Review

The Attrac Eclipse 5 in black

We first reviewed a Powrx model back in 2011 and were impressed by the German designed and engineered machines.

We've tried just about all their models since and have yet to try even a mediocre one, let alone a bad one. So when they decide to put their name to a new badged product we know it will be good... and we were not wrong.

First up you cannot be failed to be impressed by the design - it looks great. Stylish, elegant and available in black or silver fibre glass, you just know it's a quality built machine.

The second, third and fourth impressions come at a gallop. When we switched it on we had to check we'd plugged it in because it's sooooo quiet. And when you step on the platform there's so much space you could dance on it! - although obviously we recommend you don't :0)

The ultra-quiet motor delivers the superior vertical vibration that works your muscles hard, but if you're new to Whole Body Vibration (WBV), or just want a relaxing massage, you can use the frequency and amplitude low settings and take it easy.

At the opposite end, the high frequency and amplitude will challenge even the fittest and most experienced vibration devotee.

The upper and lower one-touch consoles are both easy to use and read. You can set the timer for each workout to 30, 45 or 60 seconds, and also select the set frequencies, or use the up and down for any settings in between 25 or 50 hertz.

The shaped handles can be used for many exercise positions, plus you get Powrx's two wall posters for both beginners and advanced users with loads of exercises for all parts of your body. And one better... the Attrac comes with a personalised training programme designed by the experts at Powrx!

And if you think we're gushing too much over this model... it's because we are, we love it :0)

The Attrac Eclipse 5 Console and Display

The Attrac Eclipse 5 console and display

Our view:

The Attrac Eclipse 5 looks the part and plays the part. It's elegant lines and styling hint at a quality machine, and when you turn it on and can barely hear the whisper-quiet motor, you just know it's the real thing.

The over-sized platform is a treat to use with it's powered suspension. And you get peace of mind knowing Powrx are confident enough to offer a full three-year warranty on the motor, and two years on everything else.

A great buy for a very reasonable price.

Thumbs Up:  

Generous platform size - plenty of positions possible
Low standing platform - easy to get on or off
Good value for money
Easy to use.
Upper and lower consoles - no need for remote control
Shaped handles for variation in exercise positions
Giant beginner and advanced training charts supplied
Comes with personalised training plan designed by Powrx team
Good quality finish.
Very, very quiet
Upper body straps supplied.
Ability to step up in 1 Hz frequency for tailored use
Great 3 year warranty on motor.

Thumbs Down:  

Not suitable for those over 130 kg - some models go up to 200 kg
The console looks just a little dated compared to some other models - but still easy to use
Big machine if you're limited for space (but also a positive for platform size)


Model Name: Attrac Eclipse 5 by Powrx
Dimensions: 99cm (width) x 86cm (depth) x 154cm (height)
Platform size: 77cm x 59cm
Max user weight: 130 kg (286 lbs)
Product weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Display: LED
Motor: 359 Watts (AC Motor)
Vibration type: Vertical
Vibration frequency: 25 - 50 Hz (1 Hz steps)
Amplitude: Low (1-2mm) - High (3-4mm)
Guarantee: 3 years on motor / 2 years on parts

Attrac Eclipse 5 by Powrx:

Star rating:  85%

Best Price: £1,999* from Powrx UK

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